daily fitbattle #1031 (bras…take care of the girls this if VERY important)


I’ve been in battle for 1031 days.  Here are my daily stats:

  • morning naked weight: hold your horses…next weigh in will be Friday morning
  • workout: MORNING: stretching, 10 minutes on treadmill mostly at 4.0 and 40 min on the stairmaster at level 6.  EVENING: stretching, 17 minutes on the treadmill at 4.0 and upper body (Push of the Push/Pull Split, so triceps chest and back) with Chris
  • food consumption (yesterday): 5 meals consisting of … calories = 1487, protein = 164, carbs = 136, fat = 29
  • successes: good overall balance on nutrition and got to the gym 2 times today (first twofer since getting back from vacation)
  • opportunities: the one thing I had intended on working on today was the carbs, but I didn’t do so well. You’ll see the numbers tomorrow.

Bras…take care of the girls this is VERY important…Sports Bras are an essential part of the gym uniform. “Sports” Bras not regular bras that you wear during the day. I see so many women at the gym not protecting the girls (their breasts). Younger gals…listen up…if you don’t support the girls they will sag – trust me! I’m pretty sure that even with good support they’ll sag, it’s just a matter of how soon and how much.

Proper support of your breasts is important all the time. At the gym, especially during high impact activities, you must be more diligent when it comes to wearing a bra that provides adequate support. Why? Well comfort for starters. Without proper support you can end up with pain and discomfort. All that jiggling around can also cause damage to the chest ligaments and embarrassment – well at least you should be concerned with how this looks. Let me tell you even with very little physical activity throughout my life my girls are sagging. I actually think they’ve improved a little bit with the workouts…I don’t have proof but I think they have. To be honest when losing weight you are bound to eventually lose weight their too…so yes the girls are shrinking due to weight loss. The good news is that they do not seem as saggy as when I started this journey. But the bad news is that from everything I’ve read sagging is irreversible so I’ve just lost some fat in my breasts…hmm.

Back to the Sports Bra. It’s been my goal to find a Sports Bra that provides the best support for the best value (lowest price). I’ve tried a few and the one I’ve settled on is the Champion Bra sold at Target for under $20. I’ve also tried a couple of Jockey Sports Bras. One of them had a zipper, I strongly suggest that you avoid zippers since they can unzip causing embarrassment if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also tried a couple of bras made by Danskin sold at Walmart, not a bad option, but one of the ones I bought had a zipper and zippers just don’t work. If you go looking for the bras at Target please avoid the low impact Champion bras in the active wear section, they do not provide adequate support for moderate activity. When I first started working out I bought this type of bra and I ended up having to double up my bras. The higher-impact option is much better.

The Bras I buy can be found in the bra section at Target with the other Sports Bras. They are typically in low supply so I usually check to see if they have my size in stock every time I’m at Target. They only come in black and white and they are most likely considered a “compression” bra which is described generally as a pullover type that may have a cross back (racer back) and greatly reduces breast movement by pressing the breasts closer to the body. The other basic type of sports bra is an encapsulation bra which typically has fasteners at the front or back and may also have under wire support for larger breasts. It also has molded cups providing extra support.

Bottom line if you do not know your breast size go see a professional to get fitted, don’t assume the more you spend the more support you get, try a few different brands (no two breast are made the same) and if you are participating in high-impact activities purchase high-impact bras. Besides looking ridiculous wearing just a stretchy low-impact bra that provides no support whatsoever the women that do so are not protecting their breasts and eventually the girls will sag.

The gym is not a runway. Yes I agree you should avoid looking ridiculous (and I will definitely be touching on fashion another day…that’s a whole other blog) but the gym is not a place to wear your pretty little leopard print bra underneath a laced camisole. Take care of the girls. You may not look as cute at the gym as that girl with the fancy bra and camisole but your breasts will look better than her’s naked!

Here’s a few articles that I found on the subject just in case you want to do some more reading:

Suit up in a good bra! Until tomorrow…Kathi

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