daily fitbattle #1052 (I am willing!…)


I’ve been in battle for 1052 days. Here are my daily stats:

Workout ahh…only one workout today for a little more yard work. EVENING…stretching, a few minutes on the treadmill and Push of the Push/Pull Split with Chris
MON: 5 meals, calories = 1459, protein = 158, carbs = 145, fat = 29
Successes Yesterday was as close to my nutrition goal as I’ve ever come. Here’s my goal:

5 meals, calories = 1425, protein = 150, carbs = 150, fat = 25

Opportunities Missing my morning workout…

I AM WILLING!… On Friday night my trainer had a doozy that must be repeated:

You can do this, the question is are you willing to do it? ~ Chris Gomes (soon to be famous, personal trainer, 2010)

The mind is extremely powerful. There are times when I question what failed…my mind (my will) or my muscle. If the answer is the muscle – bravo…that’s the goal! If it’s my mind well then Houston we have a problem.

Like everyone, I have off days mentally and physically. If I do not eat well or get a good night’s sleep it can and often does affect my workout (I consider this being off physically). When I’m off mentally (there’s all kinds of things that knock a person off-balance) I can bounce back more easily than when I’m off physically.

I have no doubt that there are times when my mind hijack my body. It’s fascinating when the second set of an exercise, that I struggled through during the first set, seems easier. Hmm. Yeah, well guess what? I survived the first set so now I know I can do it. As a result my internal voice says: “Yes, I can!”

How do I bounce back when my mind is hijacking my body? Here’s what I do:

Gym preparation:

  • FUEL…My afternoon snack is key, especially on the days I meet with Chris
  • FOCUS…I give myself plenty of time to stretch and warm up with NO rushing
  • MUSIC…This is a good time to listen to music so I can block out distractions

During the workout:

  • BE THE BALL…For more challenging exercises I’ll do one rep so I can wrap my mind around what I am about to do. I.e. if I’m going to be jumping up on to the 24″ high step stool (one of my biggest mental challenges) I’ll step up on the stool so my brain can register how high I need to jump.
  • BREATH…Take a deep breath and focus on getting the job done
  • ENERGY…When I’m with Chris I’ll ask for clarification on what muscle(s) I’m working (if I don’t already know) so I can focus my energy. On the treadmill I focus on my legs and lungs (breathing).
  • YES I CAN…Most times it’s a matter of a positive attitude
  • OVERRIDE THE MIND…Sometimes I take my mind out of the equation and just do it. This is where using a personal trainer helps. Chris gives me the encouragement (I think he can read my mind and he knows when I about to give up) and this gets my mind off what’s happening and I just move.
  • MUSIC…for cardio music is key to getting into the zone

Believe me…3 years ago I had no idea where this journey would take me. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote that in so many words says…it’s the journey that is important…not the destination:

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination. ~ Don Williams, Jr. (American Novelist and Poet, b.1968)

My journey has changed me physically, but more importantly mentally and emotionally. I know that YOU CAN DO IT too! You can peel off those layers and expose the person that’s been fighting to escape the prison it’s locked in. For me it was 40 pounds (so far) and all kinds of emotional bad habits. My fitbattle will never end. My journey has taught me that it’s okay because I AM WILLING TO DO IT.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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