daily fitbattle #1066 (who left the box of chocolates at my house?)


I’ve been in battle for 1066 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Monday:

calories 1210 1425 <215>
protein 125 grams 150 grams <25> grams
carbs 121 grams 150 grams <29> grams
total fat 28 grams 25 grams +3 grams

Here are my other daily stats for today:

Workout MORNING…stretching, treadmill for a 12 min warmup doing intervals at 4.0 & 6.0, and stairmaster for 45 mins at level 7.
EVENING…plan is stretching, a quick warm up and Push of the Push/Pull Split with Chris
Successes Back on the horse and in control!
Opportunities A few more calories but I’m not complaining. I had some leftover calories from Sunday’s feast.

Who left the $#%& box of chocolates at my house on Easter Sunday? Overall I didn’t do too bad on Easter. Well except for the piece of cake (1/2 a piece, really) and a small scoop of chocolate ice cream. But I had planned on partaking in the b-day cake eating.

I made sure I had breakfast and lunch so I wouldn’t be famished as usual when I have everyone over my house for a holiday dinner. Normally I have breakfast and then get so busy I don’t eat the rest of the day until dinner and then I can’t stop eating. I managed to get lunch in – a big accomplishment.

Another accomplishment was only hitting the buffet once. Two Gołąbki (stuffed cabbage, a traditional Polish dish) made with ground turkey (vs. ground beef), my famous sweet potatoes (which I made with less brown sugar than normal), a couple of ounces of the Honey Baked Ham, hobo caviar (it’s healthy – trust me), potato salad that my sister made (with no mayo – yay), and a small serving of Sauerkraut (with Keilbasa, bacon, and onions – which is why I only ate a small amount). I also had some of the app’s that I made, but both came from a “Golden Door Spa” cookbook so they were definitely on the healthier side.

So app’s, one trip through the buffet, cake and ice cream, a vodka club, and a couple of glasses of Champaign (to celebrate my little sister’s engagement) and I did better than normal for a holiday feast…well almost!

After everyone except my sister and her fiance left and I managed to get someone to take the ice cream and two people to take the leftover cake I was sure that I survived Easter Dinner relatively unscathed and then there they were – a box of chocolates! $%^& – who brought a box of chocolates and slyly left them on the counter almost unnoticeable until I started cleaning up? I tried to get Krista and Joey to take them, but there weren’t going to help me out with this conundrum.

So I ignored them for a while…but they got the best of me. I sat there eating those $%&# chocolates. They were so good. Finally I got my wits about me and tossed the box in the garbage, but the damage was already done! I am an addict! There are only a few things that cause me to lose control and chocolate is one of them.

Do you think someone intentionally left those chocolates there to booby trap me? Is it possible that one of my loving family members did this on purpose? Do they know about my closet chocolate eating? No way! This could not have been intentional – could it have been? I suppose I’ll never know the truth. Next time the evite will clearly state NO chocolate!

There you have it! I’ve outed myself…I’m not perfect! I am human. I don’t win every fitbattle.

I didn’t wallow in my failure too long. I dusted myself off yesterday determined to bounce back from my lost fitbattle and make sure I don’t pay for it on the scale this Friday. I’m back on my game and I refuse to give into those $%&# chocolates.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

2 Responses to “daily fitbattle #1066 (who left the box of chocolates at my house?)”

  1. Love that you share the human side of your story, and it made me laugh. If you would have had a poll I would have voted that you resisted. Throwing them away though, true power right there.

    • I wish you were right! And I found out it was Susan that brought those chocolates. I figured it was her or Shelly. 😉

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