daily fitbattle #1072 (personal trainers, part 1 of 5…why I use a personal trainer)


I’ve been in battle for 1072 days. Here are my daily stats:

Workout SAT…day off
SUN…stretching, 26 min on the treadmill, 15 min at 6.0, 61 ab crunches on the decline bench, and 25 min on the elliptical at an average heart rate of 118 (trying to stay in the fat burning zone).
MON…MORNING stretching, 25 min on the treadmill, 15 min at 6.2, and 25 minutes on the elliptical at an average heart rate of 119 (still trying to stay in the fat burning zone).
EVENING…stretching and spin class
FRI: 5 meals, calories = 1442, protein = 122, carbs = 109, fat = 29
SAT: 5 meals, calories = 1440, protein = 146, carbs = 146, fat = 32
SUN: 5 meals, calories = 1435, protein = 128, carbs = 159, fat = 31
Successes Calories good all three days and I increased the intensity of my workouts as I started striving to make sure I am in the Cardio Training Zone for 15 minutes and I spend as much time as possible in the Fat Burning Zone for the rest of my workout.
Opportunities Friday night…I was low in protein because my evening calories were primarily vodka and on Sun I was over in carbs and under in protein. Fat was too high all 3 days.

Personal Trainer? Yes, no, maybe…

This is a pretty big subject to cover, so I’m breaking it down into five parts. There are many aspects to consider before taking the plunge. Well that’s unless you’re like me and you just dive in head first.

Here’s a list and links to each of the 5 Parts of this series on the topic of Personal Trainers and their role in the fitbattle:

Part 1: Why I use a Personal Trainer
Part 2: Dollar$ and sense
Part 3: Benefits of using a Personal Trainer
Part 4: Choosing your Personal Trainer
Part 5: Getting the most out of your sessions

Why I use a Personal Trainer…

I’m asked about using a Personal Trainer quite often. Some questions I get are: “Why do you use a trainer?”, “Why do you still use a trainer (now that you don’t have a job)?”, “Don’t you know enough do go it alone?”, “How much do you pay?”, Etc.

Just like most of my endeavors…I signed up for personal training sessions on a whim. I was enrolling at 24-Hour Fitness (my old gym) and they offered a kind of kick-start (or trial) program of personal training sessions. I hadn’t stepped foot in a gym for 20 plus years so I figured this would be a great way to minimize my fear and apprehension of getting my fitness journey started.

I signed up for five 30-minute sessions. When I first met with Kurt (my original trainer) he suggested three one-hour sessions, which sounded like a great idea to me (and I got an extra 30 minutes). At the end of the third session, Kurt nervously asked if I’d like to continue using his services. I figured “why not?” so far so good and it seemed like we barely scratched the surface of what was possible.

I also liked the idea of not having to plan or keep track of my workouts, equipment, weight, etc. Plus I was pretty sure if Kurt could have such great muscles he must know what he is doing so I was hopeful that the effort would pay off on the scale and some muscle definition wouldn’t hurt either.

What wasn’t there to like about this idea? All I had to do was show up, do what Kurt told me to do, and keep a food log. Kurt was also assisting me with my nutrition, which I knew would be an essential factor in my success, and he was giving me advice on what workouts and cardio to do on my days off from our sessions. So I signed up for two days a week and never looked back.

In May it will be three years that I’ve been working with a Personal Trainer. A lot has changed since then. I’m at a new gym, I’ve got a new trainer, and I have no job. More importantly…I’ve lost 40 pounds, (let’s call it) 18 inches*, and 13% body fat*. I’ve also dropped four sizes (now a size 4/6 vs. a size 14) and all of my cholesterol numbers are at an acceptable level (they weren’t 3 years ago).

Why am I still using a trainer? Need I say more…have you looked at my before and after photos? I know, without a doubt, that I could not have accomplished my current fitness level without my trainers.

I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I have muscles and I love them! My training sessions are challenging and I’m still seeing progress. I know that Chris (my current trainer) pushes me beyond what I would do on my own. He has a better idea of what I’m capable of than I do. When I think of the priorities I have in my life, my fitbattle including working out with my trainer, cardio and spin classes, are very near the top of the list. So that’s why I use (still use) a Personal Trainer.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

* These are the best estimates I have for total inches and body fat lost. Each trainer has their own approach to measuring inches and body fat so although these are not exact they are a good representation of my progress.

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