daily fitbattle #1076 (personal trainers, part 5 of 5, getting the most of your sessions)


I’ve been in battle for 1076 days.

weight/pounds… 135 134.8 ugh! + 0.2

Here are my daily nutrition stats for Thursday:

calories 1473 1425 +48
protein 171 grams 150 grams +21 grams
carbs 150 grams 150 grams perfect
total fat 27 grams 25 grams +2 grams

Here are my other stats for today:

Workout MORNING…stretching, spin class,  treadmill for 12 min (from 3.5-4.0) and 45 crunches on the decline bench
EVENING…the plan is stretching and the Pull of the Push/Pull Split.
Successes Another good nutrition day. Perfect carbs and close to perfect fat.
Opportunities A few calories too many yesterday. It’s not the end of the world but I’m not thrilled with having gained 0.2 lbs.

Personal Trainer? Yes, no, maybe…

This is part 5 (yay!) of a 5-part series I’m covering this week on the topic of Personal Trainers and their role in the fitbattle.

Getting the most out of your training sessions…

This advice is not only for your sessions with your Personal Trainer. You can also apply it to classes, cardio, etc.

Be early for your session… I realize this is a challenge if your appointment is after work. I get that it’s not always easy to breakaway, but you must! I’m pretty sure most of you are not responsible for solving world peace or conducting brain surgery…so don’t take your job more seriously than your health. If you have the luxury of an assistant ask him/her to help you get out of the office early enough to give you extra time before your training session. If you’re the boss…don’t feel guilty! This is a good example to set for your employees…life balance…health first.

Be ready for your session… Prepare your gym bag the night before or in the morning and have every thing you need in your car. Don’t waste time going home to change if your session is after work. Some items (weapons) you may find helpful: a good pair of workout gloves, water (save the earth by using a re-usable bottle), a towel, a protein shake (for after the session), and eventually as you progress and start using heavier weights I recommend Versa Gripps (I wrote a blog about them a few weeks ago. Click here to read it.) Be sure to have a snack that includes complex-carbs about and hour before your session so you’ve got fuel for your workout.

Prepare your mind and body… Arriving early will give you time to prepare your mind and body for your workout. I recommend 15 to 30 minutes. Just 15 minutes will make a huge difference when you are attempting to switch gears after a treacherous day at work. Use this time to warmup and stretch. To warm up spend a few minutes on the treadmill or bike…nothing heavy duty…just move a little. Ask your trainer to show you some stretches. If your gym has a stretching cage you can follow the illustrations in the cage or you can find stretches on the internet. Chris has some info on stretching on his website too – click here to check it out. Stretching after your workout is always a good idea too.

Be present for your session. What do I mean by be present? NO distractions during your session… ah ha! NO cell phone! NO crackberry! Okay, really…you’re not a doctor right? Your wife isn’t going into labor any minute right? You really aren’t one of the people responsible for world peace? There’s no way you can give 100% to your session if you are permitting interruptions like email, calls, and text messages. Sure if there’s something really important happening and you need to bring your phone to one session make it the exception not the rule. Now take some deep breaths and let your trainer take charge. Stay relaxed, remember to breath, listen and keep your eyes on your trainer so you don’t miss the demos. If you lose your concentration be honest. It’s always helpful if you let the trainer in on what’s happening with you…in your head…with your body.

If you missed any of the first four blogs on this topic here are the links to parts 1 -4:

Part 1: Why I use a Personal Trainer
Part 2: Dollar$ and sense
Part 3: Benefits of using a Personal Trainer
Part 4: Choosing your Personal Trainer

Now…go kick some butt! I’m off to my Friday session with Chris, the Pull of the Push/Pull Split. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me. Have a great weekend!

Until Monday! Kathi

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