daily fitbattle #1093 (what the heck is happening? I’m falling apart!)


I’ve been in battle for 1093 days.

weight/pounds… 134.6 134.4 + 0.2

Here are my daily workout and nutrition stats for Friday – Sunday:

Workout SAT…day off
SUN…stretching, 25 min on the treadmill (mostly at 4.0), and 25 minute on the stairmaster at level 8
MON…Morning – stretching, 20 min on the treadmill @ 4.0 and 20 min on the stairmaster at level 8. Evening – stretching and spin class
FRI: 5 meals, calories = 1486, protein = 163, carbs = 142, fat = 31
SAT: ahh…too difficult to report. I’m sure I was a little over due to family brunch.
SUN: 5 meals, calories = 1243, protein = 129, carbs = 115, fat = 29
Successes Maintained weight week over week (I consider only being up .2 good).
Opportunities Little high on fat Friday and low overall on Sunday. And my workouts have been soft due to extra soreness from leg day and my numb thigh…see below for more details.

Note: I realized that I jacked up my fitbattle day count…I’m blaming my bout of mojolessness. I’ve now updated the daily fitbattle count so all is now good in the fitbattle documentation – whew!

What the heck is happening? I’m feeling my age and then some and no one seems to care…what the? Okay, so I’ve been falling apart the last week or so. First it was my hip…I strained it several weeks ago. I originally thought it was sore from some decline bench ab crunches. The pain lasted longer than a simple post workout muscle ache and then last week it got worse. I decided to make a visit to my doctor (well actually my doctor is the nurse practitioner but she was off on Friday so I saw the Physicians Assistant – PA) and he told me it was most likely a muscle strain and prescribed stretching, heat and ice, and patience. So my $15 co-pay bought me some piece of mind.

That piece of mind only lasted 24 hours, cause on Friday night at about 4am I woke up for my regular trip to the bathroom (cause I drink a lot of water) and I had this weird sensation that my thigh muscle was asleep. I figured it would be okay in the morning. A few hours later when I woke up my damn thigh muscle was still strangely numb. Yes, just my thigh muscle everything else seemed normal. Of course I’m a bit of a freak when I have an ailment. I have a great imagination and then add webmd to the mix and it’s a hypochondriac death spiral.

Thankfully I didn’t have a lot of time to ponder my numb thigh muscle on Saturday. I rushed downtown for the Komen Race for the cure. Then Team Kulesza (our race team) came to my house for a brunch. I did have a little down time in the afternoon to google my numb thigh and fill my mind with all kind of crazy scenarios and then it was off to a movie with my family.

I told my family and friends about this phenomenon but no one seemed very concerned. Unfortunately my friend Susan (who is conveniently a PA) didn’t make it to the Race cause she got called into work. I was looking forward to seeing her so she could tell me what to do or what was causing the numbness. We traded a few text messages but not enough to solve the numbness mystery. I figured that she must have thought I’d live or otherwise she would have follow-up with me, so I did my best to ignore my numb thigh which was nearly impossible.

Most of my friends and family read my blog so they knew that I had a killer workout on Thursday for leg day and even if they didn’t read about that workout they know how active I am and pretty much were just writing off the numb thigh to my workouts. Bottom line…I got no empathy or even the slightest twinge of concern from anyone. Well except for my friend Sheila who I called because I knew that she would show me some sympathy…she did not disappoint me and she did express concern for my condition.

Sunday I got up and went to the gym since I always feel better after I workout (and yes my thigh was STILL numb). That afternoon I also developed a tweak in my neck. So yep…aching hip, numb thigh, and tweaked neck. Thankfully I finally heard from my friend Susan (the PA) on Sunday evening. Yeah, so she wasn’t able to get back to me on Saturday because she was getting ready for a date with a new guy. Oh my – I guess that it’s a good thing that my biggest problem is my imagination. Susan asked me a few questions about my ailments and prescribed 400 mg of Advil three times per day.

The assumption is that I probably did get a strain or injury either from my original hip pain or from my crazy leg day and I now have inflammation which is affecting a nerve. Nerves do not like inflammation so therefore the affected nerve could cause the numbness in my thigh muscle. Yes, I realize that I am a mess this week…physically and mentally! Thankfully once Susan got through her date she’s now empathizing with me. So I’ve got Susan and Sheila…everyone else is just going on with their lives like my thigh muscle is normal.

So how’s my thigh tonight? Well I made it to the gym this morning and to spin class tonight. It’s still numb but I did have a momentary flash of pain in my thigh a couple of times during spin class…so I’m confident that there’s hope for a return to normal. I’m really feeling my age the last week or so, which is the worst part of these ailments. It’s like they are a reminder that I’m not a spring chicken…so irritating!

Until tomorrow! Kathi

4 Responses to “daily fitbattle #1093 (what the heck is happening? I’m falling apart!)”

  1. 1 Regina

    Aww, Kathi I hope you feel better soon! I had to laugh though at your WebMD search. That is completely my husband self-diagnosing til he’s got himself planning his own funeral!


    • Thanks Regina! Yep, no more webmd for me. No worries on the little laugh – I know it’s ridiculous. I have to talk myself down after getting myself all worked up. 😉

  2. 3 Minna

    Hi Kathi, So sorry to hear about your injury. As you might know, I too have torn my quad muscle. The last few days has seen me being the biggest sad sack ever. I hate not being able to train to my full capacity. Luckily, my leg is getting better every day and when all else fails – I have anti-inflammatories. Hope your leg heals quickly. Cheers, Minna 🙂

    • Thanks Minna. When I was reading your blog I was wondering what physiotherapy was and guess what? My doctor referred me to a psysiotherapist today…hmm. Oh and really sorry to hear about your car accident…that bites! It does seem that when it rains it pours. Cheers to you too! Kathi

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