daily fitbattle #1114 (tonight the gym was a buzz and I didn’t like it!)


I’ve been in battle for 1114 days. Here are my stats for Saturday through today:

Workout SAT…stretching, physical therapy homework, 24 min on the elliptical, and 25 min on the stairmaster at level 8.
SUN…day off
MON…Morning stretching, 35 min stairmaster at level 8. Midday physical therapy. Evening stretching, physical therapy homework, and spin class.
Successes Good nutrition on Friday and Sunday and good workouts on Saturday and Monday
Opportunities Saturday calories and carbs were way over due to martinis and popcorn – you know dinner and a movie. Fat a little high on Sunday due too many bars vs. real food.

Tonight the gym was a buzz and not necessarily in a good way! Is it me? Or did you also notice a whole new crop of <fill in the blank>? I know, I know…not nice! Yes I am judgmental. I’m not proud of it, but I am.

Be honest you noticed them too. I’m hopeful that these are the people who think they can show up at the gym and get fit in one week for the debut of their bathing suits. If I’m right they will be gone by Friday…we can only hope. Some of them didn’t even break a sweat. They were just gathering, chatting, loitering, and maybe a little stretching…and then doing it all over again.

Three gentlemen – not – blessed us with their presence in spin class. They were so loud and obnoxious it took a great deal of restraint for me to not get off my bike and walk over to them and tell them to shut up. I fantasized about doing it for the better part of the class.

I was shocked that I could hear these guys over the loud music…if that tells you anything. These three guys were the worst. Bottom line…if you are in it to spin it there’s no way you can talk to your friends for the better part of an hour spin class. It’s hard enough to breathe.

Oh and it didn’t end there. I got to see these three jokers again in the stretching area, lucky me. So I cut my stretching a little short. I just couldn’t take it any more. It was like being in bar during happy hour. You know what…I like happy hour…so it was more like being at the mall during the holidays.

One reason I like to attend the classes is to avoid having to negotiate the crowds and deal with the posers. Usually class is a safe place which is why those three guys annoyed me so much…ugh! I’m hoping they do not come back to class (and the gym).

Wow it felt good to vent. I suppose it can’t always be Champaign and flowers. Once in a while I take the low road. I’m gonna end this now and find my way back up to the high (and happy) road that I normally travel.

The good news…I’m pretty sure that this is only a night-time problem at the gym and there are only three nights left: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday nights are always slower and then it will be Memorial Day weekend. And if I’m right that’ll be the end of the bathing suit season prep rush…YAY!

Until tomorrow! Kathi

Here are my nutrition stats for the weekend:

FRIDAY calories 1470 1425 + 45
protein 166 grams 150 grams + 16 grams
carbs 145 grams 150 grams <5> grams
total fat 24 grams 25 grams <1> grams
SATURDAY calories 1717 1425 + 293
protein 142 grams 150 grams <8> grams
carbs 182 grams 150 grams + 32 grams
total fat 29 grams 25 grams + 4 grams
SUNDAY calories 1428 1425 + 3
protein 145 grams 150 grams <5> grams
carbs 128 grams 150 grams <22> grams
total fat 34 grams 25 grams + 9 grams

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