daily fitbattle #1119 (time for measurements… scale, calipers, measuring tape)


I’ve been in battle for 1119 days. Here are my stats for Thursday and Friday:

Workout THU…Morning stretching, recumbent bike for 20 min, and 25 min on the stairmaster at level 8. Evening stretching and lower body (legs) with Chris
FRI…Morning off. Mid-Day Physical Therapy. Evening stretching, physical therapy homework and upper body with Chris
Successes Okay…the good news the hip is nearly healed and I don’t have to return to the therapist for two weeks. Also did good on calories Thursday.
Opportunities My nutrition was all over the board Wed – Fri. I ate some cake for my nephew’s graduation on Wed, but I did make sure I planned for it so I didn’t go to far over in calories. We had subway sandwiches for dinner and I did not eat all the bread, but I didn’t take the time to back out the carbs so my calories and carbs were lower than reflected below. Friday…well can you say “happy hour”?

Time for measurements… Scale? check! … Calipers? check! … Measuring tape? check!

(Yes, I realize that I’ve been MIA from the blogosphere…but I’m back! I got a little busy the last couple of days so I’m writing today to make up for missing two days of blogs.)

In case you missed it…a week ago Friday I broke up with my scale. Why? Since hitting my all-time low weight of 134.4 on April 23 I’ve not been able to keep up that weight (or should I say keep down?).

Thursday I weighed in at 135.8. Weighing myself every week has only served to frustrate me…not motivate or energize. I work way too hard on my fitbattle to dwell on the scale and my recent inability to get that damn number back below 135. I’m a glass half full girl so I need to fix this and the best way I could figure to change it was to dump the scale.

From this point forward I’m going to evaluate my progress on overall results. This means that I won’t have weekly results (no more Friday Morning Naked Weight) it will be more like every couple of months.

Yesterday was measurement day and the good news…my measurements from yesterday prove that you can’t put too much weight on the number you see on the scale (pun intended).

A quick reminder…measurements include scale weight, the dreaded Body Fat Calipers (the tool Chris uses to measure my skin/fat folds), and a measuring tape.

My measurement results were very positive. Since the last time we did measurements my weight is the same…dead on. Yep according to the scale…nothing lost, nothing gained. My Body Fat % is down 1.3%, and my total inches are down 1.0.

The chart below reflects all the details. November 2008 is when I started working out with Chris. March 2010 is the last time we did measurements and May 28 are my results from yesterday (duh).

Measurements November
May 28
WEIGHT 155.8 135.8 135.8 no change
Chest 39.0 36.25 36.0 (0.25)
Waist 34.75 31.5 31.5 no change
Hips 40.75 37.75 37.25 (.5)
Upper Arm 10.5 10.75 10.75 no change
Thigh 21.0 19.75 19.5 (0.25)
TOTAL INCHES 146.0 136.0 135.0 (1.0)
Body Fat % 32.1 24.8 23.5 (1.3)

Why am I okay with no change in weight? Because the other numbers are all good. This means that I have less body fat so therefore I have more muscle…YAY! All is well in the fitbattle!!!

Here are my nutrition stats for Wednesday – Friday:

WEDNESDAY calories 1505 1425 + 80
protein 138 grams 150 grams <12> grams
carbs 176 grams 150 grams + 26 grams
total fat 33 grams 25 grams + 8 grams
THURSDAY calories 1254 1425 <171>
protein 125 grams 150 grams <25> grams
carbs 125 grams 150 grams <25> grams
total fat 37 grams 25 grams + 12 grams
FRIDAY calories 1645 1425 + 220
protein 152 grams 150 grams + 2 grams
carbs 163 grams 150 grams + 13 grams
total fat 33 grams 25 grams + 8 grams

I hope you have a safe and fun holiday weekend! Until Tuesday! Kathi

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