daily fitbattle #1135 (cheater, cheater, chocolate eater…)


I’ve been in battle for 1135 days. Here are my stats for the weekend:

Workout SAT…stretching and some leg and arm machine exercises in the hotel gym
SUN…day off
MON…Morning stretching, 10 of the 11 physical therapy exercises and 45 minutes on the stairmaster. Evening…stretching and spin class
Successes Got a workout in on Saturday even though I was on a fun weekend. Got back on track today with nutrition and workouts.
Opportunities I chose to not log my food this weekend. I wouldn’t always recommend this but I wanted to enjoy my weekend and not feel guilty.

Okay…YES, I cheat!

One of my favorite sayings is “GO BIG OR GO HOME” (gbgh)!

The “Urban Dictionary” offers the following definition for this saying:

An expression the speaker says to the listener to encourage the listener to be extravagant, to go all the way, and do whatever you are doing to its fullest – and not flake out. it can be abbreviated: gbgh!

“You gotta go big or go home!”

“I can’t wait to GBGH with y’all this weekend!”

Well that’s what I did this weekend and now it’s time to get back on the program. If I can’t enjoy the new and improved me once in a while when I go out what’s the point? Yes, yes, yes!!! It’s for my health and a longer life. But it’s also about loving myself and feeling better about myself. Well at least that’s what keeps me dedicated to the fitbattle.

I wanted to find out who first said “Go Big or Go Home”. According to a couple of the online quote websites they attribute the line to an American Actress, Eliza Dushku. She was on Buffy way back when and now she’s the star of the “Doll House”. You’d think it would more likely have been a coach or someone in sports…hmm. There’s no doubt that a lot of people use this line now.

How BIG did I do it this weekend? Well here’s a few of the weekend sins. On Friday night it was all about the lemon drop martini’s and Champaign. All that bubbly reeked havoc on my tummy. I really could have used some Tums.

Saturday night was all about the food. My entrée on its own was bad but what made it BIG was the dessert. I choose a 3-course meal and was not about to skip the dessert which was a Chocolate Souffle Cake with Ivorie Whipped Ganache, Dried Cherry Compote, and Chocolate Sorbet.

I love, love, love chocolate!!! Well most of you already know that. I enjoyed every bite of that dessert and I have no regrets. Other than the two nights out I did well with my nutrition. I even tortured the airport fast food restaurant with my special requests before my flight home. They kept telling me they couldn’t do egg whites but one of the menu options was eggs cooked to order. I finally decided to order over-medium eggs and cut out the yolks – genius!

I still feel stuffed and bloated this afternoon. I did make it to the gym this morning and I’m headed to spin class shortly. I’m back on track with my nutrition today and I put in some extra time this morning so I’m feeling no regrets. I’m hoping that the full bloated feeling will be gone tomorrow.

I guess my point today is that you’ve got let your hair down once in a while and enjoy life. When you do it’s important to not dwell on what you did wrong…just get back on track. A little slip from nutrition anal retentiveness is not the end of the world. So once in a while have some fun…enjoy life, friends and family…GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Until tomorrow! Kathi

2 Responses to “daily fitbattle #1135 (cheater, cheater, chocolate eater…)”

  1. 1 jessica mahar

    I am really good during the week and then maybe a couple times a month I go big to the point where I actually hurt. It sounds so nasty when i say it out loud, but it makes me work out so much harder that next week! I actually think it is good to do it! BTW I love chocolate more than anyone I know! When I go out on ladies night it is all about the lemon drops! We could be a bad influence on eacother if we were to go out together! Cheers! After all of that I’m off to the gym!

    • I know just what you mean. About the hurting and working out harder. 😉 I’m off to the gym now too. Cheers!

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