daily fitbattle #1140 (fight or flight? run kathi run!)


I’ve been in battle for 1140 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Thursday & Friday:

THURSDAY calories 1420 1425 <5>
protein 133 grams 150 grams <17> grams
carbs 157 grams 150 grams + 7 grams
total fat 35 grams 25 grams + 10 grams
FRIDAY calories 1745 1425 + 320
protein 138 grams 150 grams <12> grams
carbs 180 grams 150 grams + 30 grams
total fat 34 grams 25 grams + 9 grams

Here are my other stats:

Workout FRIDAY: Morning…spin class was cancelled. So plan B. Stretching, treadmill for 15 min from 3.0-3.8, elliptical (like skiing) for 18 min @ level 4, and stairmaster for 15 min @ level 6. Evening…stretching and upper body with Chris
SATURDAY…Not sure yet. 😉
Successes Low calories on Thursday. Got two workouts in on Friday even with spin being cancelled.
Opportunities Friday a miss primarily due to happy hour. Thursday other than calories everything else was off target.

Fight or Flight? You can run but you can’t hide…from yourself!

I was chatting with a friend the other day and I’m not sure how the subject came up but we started talking about wanting to run away. She told me about a couple of guys who commented to her that they wanted to run away from it all…family, responsibility, etc. Her response to them was that she didn’t need or want to run away. She had nothing to run away from.

It reminded me of when I used to have the desire to run away. Looking back…the “flight” response was the result of a ridiculous amount of work/career stress and who knows what else. It was back in the day when I (well had a job for one) had job after job that required long days, a crazy working conditions, and I wasn’t feeling satisfied. Like something was missing. When I fist set out to climb the career ladder I had a vision (fantasy) of what my life and career would look like. Needless to say my expectations were not met (especially in the early career years).

If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit

Although I never ran away (in the traditional manner), in retrospect I think I may have run away many times. How? Well, during my tenure with one hotel company (in particular) I moved six times in six years. Yep, the company loved that I was always willing to pick up and move to take on the next new and exciting project.

After the sixth move I ended up staying in one place for five years. It took some adjusting…after the first 18 months I had a serious case of ants in my pants but I finally settled in and made Dallas (at the time) my home for three and a half more years.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. – Buddha

Oh no! I just realized that I’ve been running for nearly three decades…wtf? Let me give you some stats… Or better yet a run down of my running after I graduated from UNLV in 1985.

  • Indianapolis – 1 year
  • New Jersey – 6 years
  • DC – 3 years
  • Phoenix – 8 months
  • Massachusetts – 14 months
  • Queens – 10 months
  • Chicago – 2 years
  • Massachusetts – 14 months
  • Dallas – 5 years
  • Chicago – 18 months
  • Las Vegas – (3 + years so far)

Bottom line I didn’t have to run away, cause I was already running!

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. -Lao Tzu

The good news? When I was talking to my friend (and the point of my story)…I told her that for the first time in my life I don’t feel like running away. It’s probably a good thing that I’m back home (in Vegas) huh?

Something I’ve learned from all my running…you can run from your situation and even your family and friends (if you choose to), but you cannot run and hide from yourself. If you take a very close look at what’s causing that “flight” response you may find that what you really want to run away from is you. That leaves only one option…“FIGHT” cause “flight” won’t solve the problem.

If only I were a Tanya Tucker fan I may have heard her song: “Can’t Run from Yourself” and realized error of my ways.

Upon all of this reflection I suppose it’s not shocking that now, for the first time in my life, I’ve been able to improve my health and fitness in my fitbattle. Rather than running from myself I’m now fighting and winning. The fitbattle is just scratching the surface.

A warrior is not about perfection. Or victory. Or invulnerability. He is about absolute vulnerability. That is the only true courage. ~Peaceful Warrior

Until Monday! Kathi

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