daily fitbattle #1147 (hot or not?)


I’ve been in battle for 1147 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Thursday and Friday:

THURSDAY calories 1451 1425 + 26
protein 142 grams 150 grams <8> grams
carbs 136 grams 150 grams <14> grams
total fat 37 grams 25 grams + 12 grams
FRIDAY calories 1602 1425 + 177
protein 139 grams 150 grams <11> grams
carbs 168 grams 150 grams + 18 grams
total fat 44 grams 25 grams + 19 grams

Here are my other stats for Friday and Saturday:

Workout FRIDAY…Morning I stretched, then warmed up on the treadmill from 3.5-3.8 for 10 min and finished off on the stairmaster for 30 min @ level 6. Evening stretching and upper body with Chris
SATURDAY…took the day off
Successes Got my two workouts in on Friday and did well overall on nutrition Thursday (except for fat)
Opportunities Friday nutrition was a miss. Primarily due to lunch at IHOP. I picked one of the least worst things from their healthy menu options. It did increase my overall calories and my carbs and fat.

Hot or Not?

When I originally set out to write “Hot” or “Not” I thought I could bang out a funny blog in a couple of hours. Once I started writing I realized that there is way too much material at the gym. Most of the examples I came up with are “Not” hot but none the less it’s going to take more than one blog to cover the subject.

There are so many things that can determine “Hot” or “Not”. I decided to break them into categories…”behaviors” and “fashion”. Who knows??? By Monday I may have more.

To be clear this blog is not about physical beauty it’s about the choices people make…what they wear to or how they act at the gym. I realize I’m not the world’s expert on “Hot” or “Not” but I’m still going to give you my opinion. And let’s be honest I spend more time than the average Joe (or Jane) at the gym so I’ve got a little insight.

Today, I thought I’d simply tease you with what’s to come over the next several days on the subject of “Hot” or “Not”.

My first example falls in the category of fashion. It’s a tricky one because it’s “Hot” on women and “Not” hot on men. That’s what makes this so fun…all of the intricacies of the little (and sometimes) not so little choices we make as part of our gym regime.

Knee socks… on girls very ”HOT” on guys “NOT” so hot. You are wondering… “do guys really wear knee socks at the gym? Yep, I’ve seen guys with my own two eyes sporting them. Honestly not too many people, men or women, wear knee socks to the gym. I assure you they are “HOT” on girls and on guys…I just don’t get it. I’m considering giving knee socks a go. If I do I’ll let you know how it works out.

Guys…did you forget your athletic socks? I mean really black knee socks? I kid you not! And if you did forget your athletic socks must your wear those darn black socks pulled up to your knees? At the very least role or fold them down near your ankles.

I realize that the life is not fair sometimes. Sorry! Women get to wear knee socks and you guys…NO! Put them back in the draw where they belong.

That’s my “Hot” or “Not” teaser… I’ll have (a lot) more to share on this subject next week…

Until Monday… Kathi

P.S. If this subject got your wheels turning and you want to give me your input on what you think is “Hot” or “Not” at the gym “leave a comment”.

3 Responses to “daily fitbattle #1147 (hot or not?)”

  1. The black knee socks might be performance compression socks. Doesn’t make them look any better, but they do have a good purpose. 🙂 I try to stick to white ones and only after a run under long pants, but I have seen some pretty fast folks wearing them at races. Still, I am with you on long socks on guys.
    Happy running,

    • Thanks Rundad! It did cross my mind that the socks on some of the guys might actually have a function rather than being a fashion choice. 😉 I like your blog! Thanks for visiting mine. Kathi

  2. I must admit that I ran one loop around my neighborhood with my white ones on, and I felt less than fashionable. 🙂 But they are great after a long run…under long pants. I don’t want to embarrass my teenagers too much. Thanks for checking out my blog too.

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