daily fitbattle #1152 (hot or not? from faux girdles to short shorts?)


I’ve been in battle for 1152 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Tuesday and Wednesday:

TUESDAY calories 1537 1425 + 112
protein 151 grams 150 grams + 1 grams
carbs 173 grams 150 grams + 23 grams
total fat 32 grams 25 grams + 7 grams
WEDNESDAY calories 1485 1425 + 60
protein 160 grams 150 grams + 10 grams
carbs 126 grams 150 grams <24> grams
total fat 37 grams 25 grams + 12 grams

Here are my other stats for Wednesday and Thursday:

Workout WEDNESDAY…Morning…stretching, abs, incumbent bike at level 8 for 27 min and the stairmaster at level 6 for 15 min. Evening…stretching and spin class.
THURSDAY…Evening only with Chris for leg day. I jumped rope at least 800 jumps (maybe more). Plus a bunch of other leg stuff. You know lunges, squats, etc.
Successes Nailed the protein both days. Good on carbs Wednesday. Got my twofer in on Wednesday and worked especially hard in spin last night.
Opportunities Fat is still an issue. I did break down and buy some peanut butter (the low fat one which still has a lot of fat). I couldn’t help myself. I’m not sure what’s up with my addiction to peanut butter. I did throw the jar away today.

Hot or Not? Focus on fashion continued…

Hmm… I’ve found that (it may just be my programming) but it’s much easier to articulate what’s “NOT” hot vs. what’s “HOT”. I think “HOT” may be the absence of the “NOT” hots.

Give me a few more days and I promise I’ll come up with some crystal clear “HOT” choices.

For now…more “NOT” hot fashions and a couple that I’d love to get you input on.

I’m hoping that most of these are obvious to everyone. If not…sorry to burst your bubble… leave these items at home. Or not…I’m just one girl so who knows…maybe other women (and guys) think some of these are “HOT”, but I bet not!

Sauna suit:

I dedicated a blog to the sauna suit…need I say more?

Weight and Ab belts worn as a girdle:

Yes using a weightlifting belt is perfectly acceptable if you are wearing it for it’s function, to support the lower back. If your motivation is to wear it (or one of those gimmicky ab belts) as a girdle please, at the very least, wear it under your shirt. This is not a sexy look and you are not kidding anyone.

Razor back tanks on men:

This is my opinion, but regardless of your body shape, the razor back style is best worn by women only.

Bandanas (as a headband), sweat bands, and headbands (sweat style headband):

I realize that retro fashion is in but there is a miniscule number of people who don’t look ridiculous in a bandana or sweat style headband. How about a baseball cap or carry a towel and dab the sweat off of your forehead.

Oh this may be a stretch…I’m assuming that people who wear these are doing it for function only but come to think of it I’ve seen a few people who make sure that their headband matches their outfit (yes guys too).

With all this said, I’ve seen a couple of guys and gals that wear bandanas (covering their heads, not wound up and tied on as a headband) that pull this look off and quite well I may add.

And about this pic…bandana yes! Mascara no!

Body suits (multi-colored):

The nice old lady that wears this outfit at my gym has several different versions of the same bodysuit. I’ve not seen her wear anything else. Who knows maybe she does have some other outfits? The reason I even notice her is due to the crazy multi-colored neon-esque body suits that she wears.

I cannot adequately describe the look to you. I cannot do it justice. But I’ll try. Imagine a Danskin yes full ankle to neck bodysuit (but sleeveless) made out of Lycra or bathing suit material. Now imagine that it is multi-colored, bright almost neon, with a 70/80’s pattern. Now picture your grandmother wearing it and voila…now you’ve seen it too!

Men in SHORT shorts:

I’ve found “the” guy (meaning the only one) with the perfect thighs that can pull off wearing short shorts. His thighs are so perfect that you almost don’t even notice the rest of his outfit. This is a good thing since he’s no metro-sexual. No! It’s not the guy in this picture.

Generally my personal rule for men’s shorts is knee-length or longer for the gym (no capris). Seeing extra leg is “NOT” so hot for me. Who knows…maybe other women feel differently? Gals please let us know what you think about men in short shorts at the gym.

That’s all I got tonight. I’m going to search the gym high and low tomorrow for “HOT” looks.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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