daily fitbattle #1173 (my arms have an admirer…)


Shhh! Don’t tell anyone but my personal trainer has a mad crush on my arms…

One of my blogger friends “Curly Skinny” is admittedly obsessed with her own biceps and I’ve got to say that since I read her blog confessing her obsession I’ve started to notice my own arms more.

I recently noticed that Chris (my personal trainer) is obsessed with my arms. At first it was subtle. He’d simply make sure that I took time to notice the muscles in my arms when I’m doing an exercise in front of a mirror. It took me a while to get comfortable looking at myself. I’m not sure why…but I felt uncomfortable looking at myself.

I knew things were getting more serious when Chris started suggesting that I do a quick flex at the end of a session when my arms were pumped up. One day when I was wearing a t-shirt with sleeves he complained. That was when I started to realize that he may have a crush on my arms.

One day when I knew that Chris wasn’t his normal happy-go-lucky self I made sure to wear a t-shirt with spaghetti straps…I knew it would lift his spirits…and it did.

Chris’ relationship with my arms has progressed so far that I feel guilty if I don’t wear a tank top on arm day. I don’t blame him they do look pretty damn good and let’s be honest they wouldn’t look so good if it wasn’t for him. So he’s just enjoying the fruits of his (oh wait…my) labor.

Yes, yes…he’s the brains and I’m the brawn. LOL.

I’m taking a long weekend…so my next blog will probably be on Tuesday.

Until then…have a great weekend. Kathi

Here are my daily nutrition stats for Tuesday and Wednesday:

TUESDAY calories 1491 1425 + 69
protein 141 grams 150 grams <9> grams
carbs 165 grams 150 grams + 15 grams
total fat 34 grams 25 grams + 9 grams
WEDNESDAY calories 1292 1425 <33>
protein 139 grams 150 grams <11> grams
carbs 133 grams 150 grams <17> grams
total fat 27 grams 25 grams + 2 grams

Here are my other stats for Wednesday and Thursday:

Workout WEDNESDAY…one workout…stretching, short warmup on the treadmill and a full body workout with Chris
THURSDAY…no workout – today was a travel day
Successes Excellent nutrition day yesterday! Tuesday wasn’t bad, but Wednesday was Great!
Opportunities Still need to keep an eye on the carbs. That darn Acorn Squash has a lot of carbs.

Blah, blah, blah… Blah, blah, blah…

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  1. 1 Curly Hair Princess

    Thanks Kathi!


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