daily fitbattle #1185 (r.i.p. food logs!)


No food logging…can I do it and succeed?

I’ve made a decision… I’m going to stop logging food and see what happens. Scary? Yes!

I’ve done this before and failed. But I’ve been on this journey for three plus years and I think it’s time to move beyond logging food. I figure if I was able to have success with my last measurements after breaking up with my scale I will survive dumping the food log…just fine. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I do not recommend this tactic for everyone. However…we should all come to a point in our fitbattle where we can take off the training wheels and maintain a healthy diet without feeling like it’s a lot of work. Logging food is work. It’s been well worth it and I’m confident that I can succeed without the logs.

Where does that leave us? Well…I’m still going to document my daily workouts, successes, and opportunities. I’ll still have some ups and downs (no doubt) with my nutrition. The bottom line…we all know when we are making a good decision (or a bad one), the food log is a way to hold ourselves accountable.

Yes, I’m still going to continue writing the blog about my fitbattle.

Are you wondering how we will know if I’m successful? By my next round of measurements. As long as I continue to see progress with my weight, inches, and body fat…it will be considered a success.

Cross your fingers! Although this will be about smart choices…not luck.

Rest in Peace — Food Logs!

Until tomorrow! Kathi

Here are my other stats for today:

Workout MORNING…Did most of the physical therapy exercises and 30 minutes on the stairmaster
EVENING…Plan is stretching and upper body with Chris.
Successes Yesterday was a good day overall with nutrition. I had breakfast at IHOP but I had one of their healthy breakfast options. The rest of the day was in check.
Opportunities I really wanted to get another 20 minutes of cardio in today, but I ran short of time.

2 Responses to “daily fitbattle #1185 (r.i.p. food logs!)”

  1. Great effort for logging your food for three years. I’m sure you will have every success without the log. I’m happy to break up with my food log, but not ready to break up with my scales – I think I’m addicted to weighing myself!!

    • Minna, I read your blog yesterday. WOW! I’m glad you are feeling better. Anyways…I was addicted to weighing myself too but somehow I managed to break the habit. When I first removed the scale from my bathroom (per the request of my trainer) I realized how many time I was weighing myself…basically every time I entered the bathroom. The scale is back in it’s normal place but I now ignore it most of the time.

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