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I do not recommend this tactic for everyone. However…we should all come to a point in our fitbattle where we can take off the training wheels and maintain a healthy diet without feeling like it’s a lot of work. Logging food is work.

I’m still doing “naked weight”. It was a great weigh in day! My new all time low is now…wait for it…drum roll… 132.4 YIPPIE!!!!

You’d think I’d asked the person how much they weigh or what age they were when they lost their virginity. Oh my! It’s clear if you are carrying around some extra pounds that you are eating carbs. This is not a dirty little secret it’s how we eat.

FiveFingers are newer shoes that people are wearing primarily for fitness type activities. But these shoes claim to serve many purposes and are good for a lot of activities on land and sea.

I want to walk up to the people that wear these suits and shake them! I’m always thankful when the firemen and women are working out at the same time I see someone in one of these suits because I expect one of them to pass out eventually.

Yesterday was measurement day and the good news…my measurements from yesterday prove that you can’t put too much weight on the number you see on the scale (pun intended).

I now find myself needing the Versa Gripps on Wednesday and Friday nights (for the lower body and Pull workouts). I recently upgraded to the Versa Gripps Pro – WOWZA!

To make sure I actually get a good workout in it’s essential I block out any and all distractions and one weapon for doing so is music.

Younger gals…listen up…if you don’t support the girls they will sag – trust me! I’m pretty sure that even with good support they’ll sag, it’s just a matter of how soon and how much.

This enabled me to monitor the calories I burned in comparison to the calories I consumed. Let me say this another way…the BodyBugg gave me CONTROL!