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I felt like I had a point to prove. I was the oldest person in Boot Camp and there was no way I was going to come in last all three times for the sprints. I may have been the oldest but I was definitely in better shape than some of the other participants. Plus I’m just a little competitive.

It’s the instructors’ goal that we match our spinning to the beat of the song. Let’s be honest not everyone has rhythm. I’m willing to bet that the people in class that cannot match the cadence of the music probably can’t dance either.

He gives very clear instructions on what to do throughout the class and he reminds us (just enough) to maintain the proper form throughout class: shoulders down away from your ears, elbow slightly bent, look forward, keep you upper body relaxed, hips back, and heals down. Believe me it’s easy to let your form slip when you are spinning uphill for five plus minutes.

So your shirt doesn’t fall and show all your goodies when you are in the downward dog position.

Spin Class…Be prepared for your seat (butt) to hurt, it’s unavoidable!