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I do not recommend this tactic for everyone. However…we should all come to a point in our fitbattle where we can take off the training wheels and maintain a healthy diet without feeling like it’s a lot of work. Logging food is work.

I learned that she craves Taco Bell, primarily their tacos. So I suggested that she make her own healthy tacos using extra lean ground pork, low sodium taco mix, low-fat sour cream, low-fat cheese, and low-carb low-fat soft tacos. Oh yeah and top it off with salsa – as much salsa as she wants since it’s fat-free.

You’d think I’d asked the person how much they weigh or what age they were when they lost their virginity. Oh my! It’s clear if you are carrying around some extra pounds that you are eating carbs. This is not a dirty little secret it’s how we eat.

Saturday night was all about the food. My entrée on its own was bad but what made it BIG was the dessert. I choose a 3-course meal and was not about to skip the dessert which was a Chocolate Souffle Cake with Ivorie Whipped Ganache, Dried Cherry Compote, and Chocolate Sorbet.

Personally I LOVE water!!! I drink water all day. The only other thing I drink besides water is coffee and protein shakes. Oh…wait a minute…I also drink alcohol. I usually only go out one or two nights a week and have a few cocktails.

I actually think I’m addicted to fat. Yes peanut butter is “good” fat but I have no self-control when it comes to peanut butter so I had to stop buying it. It’s only good in moderation and it’s kind of like chocolate for me – I know no moderation.

I was sure that I survived Easter Dinner relatively unscathed and then there they were – a box of chocolates! $%^& – who brought a box of chocolates and then slyly left them on the counter almost unnoticeable until I started cleaning up?

The three big pluses of cooking dinner vs. heating it up: more protein (and my growing muscles LOVE protein), less carbs at night (always a good thing), and holy sodium batman! The sodium in the lean cuisine and the Kroger chicken breast is ridonkulous.

I simply pushed the basket away (from me) towards the other gals (every woman for themself) and sipped my Champaign cocktail (yes another story, I say save the carbs for cocktails).

Many of the sources I checked for information on this subject agree that you can lose weight by making changes to your diet, no workouts required. There are too many health benefits from working out. So ask yourself now… are you ready to make a change that might just save your life? Are you ALL IN?