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One day when I was wearing a t-shirt with sleeves he complained. That was when I started to realize that he may have a crush on my arms.

Obviously to qualify as “HOT” you need to avoid all the “NOT” hots I’ve covered over the last couple of weeks. To be “HOT” you don’t have to be one of the top 10% of people who are exceptionally attractive.

FiveFingers are newer shoes that people are wearing primarily for fitness type activities. But these shoes claim to serve many purposes and are good for a lot of activities on land and sea.

Once in a while I’ve even seen three people sit in a circle and attempt a toe-to-toe-to-toe connection. They usually crash and burn since apparently it’s not as easy to do with three people.

Thankfully not many people suffer from this syndrome but you can usually spot at least one or two victims a day at the gym.

The look on his face was precious… it was as if I was watching a silent movie of someone screaming and then I heard it… a very loud “UHH”! I’m sure anyone within 30 feet of this guy could hear him.

Well, what do you expect? I have to live with myself and to do so I’ve got to like myself. In order to like myself I’ve got to take the higher road and not judge every book by it’s cover. Yes…what I’m saying is that I judge and then I work very hard to reverse the judgment.

I’ve found “the” guy (meaning the only one) with the perfect thighs that can pull off wearing short shorts. His thighs are so perfect that you almost don’t even notice the rest of his outfit.

Butt crack sweat “HOT” or “NOT”? Are there other factors to consider? Like… Who the butt crack belongs to? The size and shape of the butt?

Yes men…you too! That t-shirt with the armholes cut out that function as windows and reveal way too much mid-section is “NOT” hot if you have a muffin top or beer belly.