I’ve been in battle for 1145 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Tuesday and Wednesday:

TUESDAY calories 1420 1425 <5>
protein 127 grams 150 grams <23> grams
carbs 149 grams 150 grams <1> grams
total fat 36 grams 25 grams + 11 grams
WEDNESDAY calories 1451 1425 + 26
protein 142 grams 150 grams <8> grams
carbs 136 grams 150 grams <14> grams
total fat 37 grams 25 grams + 12 grams

Here are my other stats for Wednesday and Thursday:

Workout WEDNESDAY…Evening only but I did a double to make up for not going in the morning. Did all physiotherapy homework; 10 exercises took 45 min. Then went to spin class.
THURSDAY:..Evening only with Chris. Today was leg day. It was all about squatting and lunging.
Successes Getting Better. Overall calories and carbs good. Protein good yesterday.
Opportunities Fat, fat, fat…

Not quitting is one of the toughest battles in the war on fitness or in the fitbattle…

It’s so easy to find a reason or 10 to convince yourself that it’s okay to stop and rest or quit (even if it’s just for a minute or two).

I can almost see the miniature evil fat me on my left shoulder whispering lies like “it’s okay to take a rest…do it before your legs give out”. On my right shoulder there’s the miniature cut muscular (fit) me saying “don’t quit now…finish this”.

Oh! Or is that a 6′ 4″ tall, dark, etc. etc., cut muscular (fit) trainer urging me on? Hmm…they do look a little alike. (hee hee). Maybe it’s both. Yes for sure it’s both. I was definitely having a conversation with myself (in my head) and Chris was definitely urging me on.

My rebuttal to the mini-evil-fat me, when I was pondering quitting or not quitting at lunge number 80 of 110 in my first of three sets of the reverse/stationary lunge combo that Chris had me doing, was… “the tennis player that just won the longest tennis match in history today didn’t quit!” (Yes…that was one long sentence.)

For some reason instead of focusing on my lunges I was recalling hearing about the tennis match on the radio. The match took eleven hours and five minutes (three days) to complete. Now that’s endurance!

“A Quitter never wins – and – a Winner never quits.” ~Napoleon Hill

I’m sure there were plenty of moments that both players had to fight the urge to mentally quit the game. I figured if those two players could fight and not quit for eleven plus hours I could finish out the set (and two more).

I’m sure some of you are thinking “110 lunges (only 55 per leg)…I could do that!” How about while holding a 70 lb barbell on your shoulders? That’s what I thought. You’d consider quitting around number 80 of 110 too. Did I mention that I had to do it three times. Yeah…I did.

A few more stats about the tennis match… The final score read 6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68. Isner (the winner) shattered a record, hitting a total of 112 aces, while Mahut (his opponent) had 103. Really cool and inspiring stuff!

As far as I’m concerned they are both champions! (But aren’t you wondering if Mahut simply lost or did he quit?)

Until tomorrow! Kathi

I’ve been in battle for 1143 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Monday:

calories 1498 1425 + 73
protein 156 grams 150 grams + 16 grams
carbs 141 grams 150 grams <9> grams
total fat 34 grams 25 grams + 9 grams

Here are my other stats for today:

Workout MORNING…stretching and spin class.
EVENING…plan is stretching, a quick warm up and upper body with Chris
Successes Much better nutrition day yesterday. Protein and carbs back in line.
Opportunities Slightly over in calories and fat. I should have skipped the cheese in my omelette.

Is it time to freshen up your workout routine or get your roots retouched? This morning my answer to both was yes and yes!

Has anyone else noticed that businesses all over town are having their parking lots re-striped (repainted)? This includes repainting the parking spaces and curbs.

I’m guessing most of you haven’t had time to notice this. That’s one of the benefits of being on a sabbatical…I have time to ponder important things like parking lot re-striping and find a life lesson in it.

It’s interesting you know? Most of us (probably all of us) don’t think “wow LVAC really needs to have the parking lot re-striped, the paint is dull”. But when I see a freshly painted parking lot I think “wow, what took them so long?”

Of course this got me thinking…how many other things in our own lives dull over time and we don’t notice? Two examples that come to mind are…my blonde hair and my cardio routine.

As I was getting my roots retouched this morning (I know, I know…some of you thought I was a real blonde…sorry to disappoint you) I realized that it’s similar to having the parking lot repainted. The dark roots are noticeable, but they appear gradually and they do not bother me. Some days I even like them. Once they are gone I think wow I hate the roots.

With my workout routine… I have days that I machine hop every 15 minutes or so. I know something’s not right but I just keep hopping from one machine to another until I get through the 45 minutes of cardio that I set out to do.

There are other days that I resist the temptation to machine hop and I find a way to power through counting every minute – shear torture! All of this reflection made me realize that it’s time for me to re-stripe (or freshen up) my cardio routine. How about you?

The fact that I refer to my cardio workout as routine should have been a dead giveaway that something is wrong. The definition of routine is… a regular course of procedure, habitual or mechanical performance of an established procedure <the routine of factory work>, of a commonplace or repetitious character, ordinary <routine problems>. Hmm…

I don’t have to worry about my strength training because Chris has it covered. There’s nothing routine about the workouts he plans. No two weeks are the same and Chris switches up the overall approach to my strength training every two to three months. I think he does it so he won’t get bored (kidding).

Let’s take my analogy just a bit further. Let’s say you’ve started to slack off in your fitbattle and you’re thinking “well it’s too late now to get that bikini or speedo body that I wanted for summer”. NOT SO FAST! It’s never too late!!! It’s amazing the difference just two to three weeks can make. And summer just started.

Maybe it’s time to repaint your thoughts on working out and freshen up your efforts. One way to do this would be to revisit your fitness goals. Think about your fitness priorities. Do your original goals still motivate you? Have you made progress? Is it time to raise the bar on your goals? Are your fitness goals dull and lack a fresh outlook?

The last time you set fitness goals, were they with a deadline of “by summer”?  How about a new goal?  Yes, you’re in? Okay how about lose 3 pounds by the 4th of July. Definitely possible, if you start right now. All it takes is commitment! Now I’m off to take my own advice and dust off my cardio workout and goals.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

I’ve been in battle for 1142 days.

SATURDAY calories 1464 1425 + 39
protein 128 grams 150 grams <22> grams
carbs 151 grams 150 grams + 1 grams
total fat 14 grams 25 grams <11> grams
SUNDAY calories 1628 1425 +203
protein 136 grams 150 grams <14> grams
carbs 163 grams 150 grams + 13 grams
total fat 36 grams 25 grams + 11 grams

Here are my other stats for today:

Workout SUN…Boot Camp
MON…Mid-day…stretching and most of my physical therapy homework, 12 min warm up on the treadmill at 3.5-4.0, and 40 min on the stairmaster.
Successes Great job with calories and fat on Saturday.
Opportunities I wish I could say the same for everything else. I have no excuses for Sunday. I was simply off my game.

Boot Camp…revealed!

Have you ever considered taking a Boot Camp class at the gym? I’ve toyed with the idea a couple of times but finally participated in Boot Camp for the first time yesterday. One of my friends has gone every Sunday and I finally agreed to meet her.

Yep, I said Sunday morning and it was at 8:15 am.

Of the classes I’ve tried so far I must say that it was a very good workout. You are constantly moving and there is very little rest. From what I gathered the classes vary from week to week.

Here’s a run down of how the class went…

We started out sprinting across the room and then on the way back (across the room) we alternated doing a sideways plank walk or the crab walk. Once we got back to our starting position we did push ups then start over with a sprint, etc. We counted down the push ups…10, 9, 8, 7, etc. So we ended up doing ten rounds of the sprint, walk, push ups.

Next the instructor set up four different stations where 3 or 4 of us spent a total of four minutes doing four different exercises for a minute each. To give you a feel for the stations I’ll describe two of them.

The first station I visited we did jumping lunges, frog jump, push ups and sideways walking with a tension band on our ankles. Another memorable station was all about the bosu ball. We did burpees which included lifting the bosu ball over our heads, we had to hold the squat position on a bosu ball, hold the plank with either feet or hands on the bosu ball, and mountain climbers with hands on the bosu ball.

Upon completing the four stations we broke into two groups and did suicide drills and another running drill. What’s a suicide drill? Okay the instructor set out four cones in a row. You run from the 1st cone to the 2nd cone (touching the cone), then run back and touch the first Cone, then run to the 3rd cone (touching it), then back to the 1st cone, and (yes you guessed it) run to the fourth cone and then return to the starting position waiting for your next turn. We did the drill three times each.

To wrap things up the instructor had us line up along the far side of the room. We did about ten squats holding the last squat for several seconds, then she counted down and had us sprint across the room and back. On the first try I was the last one to get back to the starting position. I wasn’t last on the next two rounds.

I felt like I had a point to prove. I was the oldest person in Boot Camp and there was no way I was going to come in last all three times for the sprints. I may have been the oldest but I was definitely in better shape than some of the other participants. Plus I’m just a little competitive. 😉

All-in-all I recommend the Boot Camp class to anyone that has worked out for a while and you want to mix things up. This class is not for someone who’s looking for another form of cardio…it’s no Zumba class (it’s much more challenging). I’m not sure I’ll return to the Sunday morning 8:15 am class. I really don’t like setting the alarm on Sunday mornings. But we’ll see…you never know.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

I’ve been in battle for 1140 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Thursday & Friday:

THURSDAY calories 1420 1425 <5>
protein 133 grams 150 grams <17> grams
carbs 157 grams 150 grams + 7 grams
total fat 35 grams 25 grams + 10 grams
FRIDAY calories 1745 1425 + 320
protein 138 grams 150 grams <12> grams
carbs 180 grams 150 grams + 30 grams
total fat 34 grams 25 grams + 9 grams

Here are my other stats:

Workout FRIDAY: Morning…spin class was cancelled. So plan B. Stretching, treadmill for 15 min from 3.0-3.8, elliptical (like skiing) for 18 min @ level 4, and stairmaster for 15 min @ level 6. Evening…stretching and upper body with Chris
SATURDAY…Not sure yet. 😉
Successes Low calories on Thursday. Got two workouts in on Friday even with spin being cancelled.
Opportunities Friday a miss primarily due to happy hour. Thursday other than calories everything else was off target.

Fight or Flight? You can run but you can’t hide…from yourself!

I was chatting with a friend the other day and I’m not sure how the subject came up but we started talking about wanting to run away. She told me about a couple of guys who commented to her that they wanted to run away from it all…family, responsibility, etc. Her response to them was that she didn’t need or want to run away. She had nothing to run away from.

It reminded me of when I used to have the desire to run away. Looking back…the “flight” response was the result of a ridiculous amount of work/career stress and who knows what else. It was back in the day when I (well had a job for one) had job after job that required long days, a crazy working conditions, and I wasn’t feeling satisfied. Like something was missing. When I fist set out to climb the career ladder I had a vision (fantasy) of what my life and career would look like. Needless to say my expectations were not met (especially in the early career years).

If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit

Although I never ran away (in the traditional manner), in retrospect I think I may have run away many times. How? Well, during my tenure with one hotel company (in particular) I moved six times in six years. Yep, the company loved that I was always willing to pick up and move to take on the next new and exciting project.

After the sixth move I ended up staying in one place for five years. It took some adjusting…after the first 18 months I had a serious case of ants in my pants but I finally settled in and made Dallas (at the time) my home for three and a half more years.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. – Buddha

Oh no! I just realized that I’ve been running for nearly three decades…wtf? Let me give you some stats… Or better yet a run down of my running after I graduated from UNLV in 1985.

  • Indianapolis – 1 year
  • New Jersey – 6 years
  • DC – 3 years
  • Phoenix – 8 months
  • Massachusetts – 14 months
  • Queens – 10 months
  • Chicago – 2 years
  • Massachusetts – 14 months
  • Dallas – 5 years
  • Chicago – 18 months
  • Las Vegas – (3 + years so far)

Bottom line I didn’t have to run away, cause I was already running!

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. -Lao Tzu

The good news? When I was talking to my friend (and the point of my story)…I told her that for the first time in my life I don’t feel like running away. It’s probably a good thing that I’m back home (in Vegas) huh?

Something I’ve learned from all my running…you can run from your situation and even your family and friends (if you choose to), but you cannot run and hide from yourself. If you take a very close look at what’s causing that “flight” response you may find that what you really want to run away from is you. That leaves only one option…“FIGHT” cause “flight” won’t solve the problem.

If only I were a Tanya Tucker fan I may have heard her song: “Can’t Run from Yourself” and realized error of my ways.

Upon all of this reflection I suppose it’s not shocking that now, for the first time in my life, I’ve been able to improve my health and fitness in my fitbattle. Rather than running from myself I’m now fighting and winning. The fitbattle is just scratching the surface.

A warrior is not about perfection. Or victory. Or invulnerability. He is about absolute vulnerability. That is the only true courage. ~Peaceful Warrior

Until Monday! Kathi

I’ve been in battle for 1138 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Tuesday and Wednesday:

TUESDAY calories 1483 1425 1271
protein 157 grams 150 grams + 7 grams
carbs 142 grams 150 grams <8> grams
total fat 31 grams 25 grams + 6 grams
WEDNESDAY calories 1914 1425 + 489
protein 151 grams 150 grams + 1 grams
carbs 162 grams 150 grams + 12 grams
total fat 53 grams 25 grams + 28 grams

Here are my other stats for yesterday and today:

Workout WEDNESDAY…NOON…stretching, 3 of the physical therapy exercises, 8 min warmup on the treadmill at 3.5-4.0, and 40 min on the stairmaster at level 6
(Only one workout today)
THURSDAY…EVENING…stretching and legs/lower body with Chris
Successes Nutrition back in good shape Tuesday.
Opportunities Ah, snap! Yesterday was a bust due to happy hour. I had planned on eating before I went out but it didn’t happen…so 3 vodka clubs and wings with just a few fries and I went way over in calories and fat.

I’m flirting with the treadmill…

I really miss the treadmill. The Physiotherapists (Bob and Graham) told me to say off of it due to my hip flexor strain. At the time my hip hurt every time I walked…on the treadmill, around the house, etc. No, Bob and Graham have not approved use of the treadmill yet. But I’ve been flirting with the treadmill just a little bit.

This new affair (with an old friend) started last week. Nothing crazy…just walking up to a speed of 4.0 and for no longer than 10 minutes at a time. So far so good…I’ve had no pain. I just couldn’t take it any longer. I was envious of all those other people on the treadmills…walking, running, jogging…all looking so satisfied with themselves and their workouts.

I’m a little surprised that I’m desiring the treadmill so much. There have been times when I’ve resented it, did anything else to avoid it. But like they say: “distance makes the heart grow stronger”. The fact that I’ve not been able to use the treadmill which was a big part of my cardio program has made me want to use it even more.

There’s another reason I miss the treadmill…I know that it is one of the most effective cardio machines for getting my heart rate up into the cardio training zone. It’s a challenge to get a higher heart rate on the elliptical and the stairmaster, with one exception…the stairmaster that’s like an escalator is great for getting my heart rate way up there.

I wonder if this is why I miss chocolate and peanut butter so much. Hmm, I may have to delve into this theory and figure out if I can live with chocolate and peanut butter in moderation vs. attempting to eliminate them all-together making me want them even more. Yep, I’m going to ponder this one.

I’m seeing Bob and Graham on Monday and I plan to discuss the treadmill with them in hopes of getting the green light to use it more often…cross your fingers.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

I’ve been in battle for 1136 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Monday:

calories 1411 1425 <14>
protein 130 grams 150 grams <20> grams
carbs 139 grams 150 grams <11> grams
total fat 37 grams 25 grams + 12 grams

Here are my other stats for today:

Workout MORNING…stretching, treadmill for 8 min at 3.5, elliptical @ level 6 for 21 min, and stairmaster @ level 6 for 15 min.
EVENING…plan is stretching, a quick warm up and chest and back with Chris
Successes Good overall calorie day yesterday and had a good workout this morning
Opportunities Protein a little low and fat a little high. I’m gonna have to stop eating on the go.

Midlife crisis? Yes, no, maybe..

I’m not sure why I decided to go down this road tonight, but it’s too late I already did the research so here you go.

I’ve consulted google and determined that I am indeed in the midst of a midlife crisis. I thought I’d share some excerpts from three articles that support my assessment.

Here are some highlights from Wikipedia:

  • Midlife crisis is a term coined in 1965 by Elliott Jaques and used in Western societies to describe a period of dramatic self-doubt that is felt by some individuals in the “middle years” or middle age of life, as a result of sensing the passing of their own youth and the imminence of their old age.
  • The result may be a desire to make significant changes in core aspects of day-to-day life or situation, such as in career, work-life balance, marriage, romantic relationships, big-ticket expenditures, or physical appearance.
  • Researchers have found that midlife is often a time for reflection and reassessment, but this is not always accompanied by the psychological upheaval popularly associated with “midlife crisis.

Yes, I’m in my “middle years” and yes I’ve experienced a few changes, not all self-inflicted, but none the less my life looks a lot different this year than it did the same time last year. How? Well I lost my job in October and have since been on a sabbatical and I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve now tipped the work-life balance scales in the other direction…let’s call it life-work balance with no work. No big-ticket expenditures or new boyfriends, but give me a little more time. Physical appearance? Check! Thinner and platinum blonde…that about covers it. No piercings but I am seriously considering getting a tramp stamp.

How about WebMD? They had a nice article on the subject too. You gotta love the title: “Midlife Crisis: Transition or Depression?” Here are some of the highlights:

  • These days, the old midlife crisis is more likely to be called a midlife transition — and it’s not all bad. (I like this article better already!)
  • The term crisis often doesn’t fit, mental health experts say, because while it can be accompanied by serious depression, it can also mark a period of tremendous growth.
  • A midlife crisis might occur anywhere from about age 37 through the 50s, says Dan Jones, PhD. (check)
  • In midlife, people often reevaluate their priorities and goals, Jones finds.

I like it! From now on I’m going to call what I’m going through a midlife transition. And I agree it’s not all bad, it’s actually empowering, exhilarating, scary, and exciting! Yes, there’s the reality that I have no job and no income but for the first time in a long time I feel like I can do anything!!!

Finally I took a look at an article in Time (well on their website). It was a rather long article so I only selected a couple of lines I liked and connected with. I hope you like them too.

  • Researchers have found that the most profound difference in attitude between men and women at middle age is that women are twice as likely to be hopeful about the future.
  • Nearly three-quarters of women from 40 to 54 in a Yankelovich Monitor study said life is “much too complicated.”
  • Men wake up at 45 and realize, ‘I’m not 18 anymore.’ But women, their biological clock is ticking. They are constantly reminded that they are aging.
  • Women, having fought so hard to break into fields that were once closed to them, often expect more from their jobs. If they are unhappy at 45, disenchanted with corporate politics or discouraged because they are not making a contribution to some larger good, they are typically willing to think of trying something completely new in a search for greater flexibility or challenge or satisfaction.

The last bullet from the Time article sums up how I feel about my career. I did everything I was supposed to do…got a college degree, got a job, had a successful career. Yes it was fulfilling in many ways, the money was good, but something was missing. I’m now on a mission to find out what. One thing missing was me…taking care of me, loving me, you might even say letting other people love me. That’s not all that was missing. I’m still figuring it out and I will figure it out!

So yes…bottom line…I’m having a midlife transition and I’m willing to admit it. I’m finding myself in this process and it’s really nice to peel back all the layers that have suffocated me over the years and expose me…me to the world and the world to me.

Okay…if you are still with me…thanks for sticking it out! I realize I got a little philosophical on you…I do that now and then. Here are links to the three articles I sourced for today’s blog:

Wikipedia – “Midlife Crisis”

WebMD – “Midlife Crisis: Transition or Depression?”

Time – “Midlife Crisis? Bring it on!”

Until tomorrow! Kathi

I’ve been in battle for 1135 days. Here are my stats for the weekend:

Workout SAT…stretching and some leg and arm machine exercises in the hotel gym
SUN…day off
MON…Morning stretching, 10 of the 11 physical therapy exercises and 45 minutes on the stairmaster. Evening…stretching and spin class
Successes Got a workout in on Saturday even though I was on a fun weekend. Got back on track today with nutrition and workouts.
Opportunities I chose to not log my food this weekend. I wouldn’t always recommend this but I wanted to enjoy my weekend and not feel guilty.

Okay…YES, I cheat!

One of my favorite sayings is “GO BIG OR GO HOME” (gbgh)!

The “Urban Dictionary” offers the following definition for this saying:

An expression the speaker says to the listener to encourage the listener to be extravagant, to go all the way, and do whatever you are doing to its fullest – and not flake out. it can be abbreviated: gbgh!

“You gotta go big or go home!”

“I can’t wait to GBGH with y’all this weekend!”

Well that’s what I did this weekend and now it’s time to get back on the program. If I can’t enjoy the new and improved me once in a while when I go out what’s the point? Yes, yes, yes!!! It’s for my health and a longer life. But it’s also about loving myself and feeling better about myself. Well at least that’s what keeps me dedicated to the fitbattle.

I wanted to find out who first said “Go Big or Go Home”. According to a couple of the online quote websites they attribute the line to an American Actress, Eliza Dushku. She was on Buffy way back when and now she’s the star of the “Doll House”. You’d think it would more likely have been a coach or someone in sports…hmm. There’s no doubt that a lot of people use this line now.

How BIG did I do it this weekend? Well here’s a few of the weekend sins. On Friday night it was all about the lemon drop martini’s and Champaign. All that bubbly reeked havoc on my tummy. I really could have used some Tums.

Saturday night was all about the food. My entrée on its own was bad but what made it BIG was the dessert. I choose a 3-course meal and was not about to skip the dessert which was a Chocolate Souffle Cake with Ivorie Whipped Ganache, Dried Cherry Compote, and Chocolate Sorbet.

I love, love, love chocolate!!! Well most of you already know that. I enjoyed every bite of that dessert and I have no regrets. Other than the two nights out I did well with my nutrition. I even tortured the airport fast food restaurant with my special requests before my flight home. They kept telling me they couldn’t do egg whites but one of the menu options was eggs cooked to order. I finally decided to order over-medium eggs and cut out the yolks – genius!

I still feel stuffed and bloated this afternoon. I did make it to the gym this morning and I’m headed to spin class shortly. I’m back on track with my nutrition today and I put in some extra time this morning so I’m feeling no regrets. I’m hoping that the full bloated feeling will be gone tomorrow.

I guess my point today is that you’ve got let your hair down once in a while and enjoy life. When you do it’s important to not dwell on what you did wrong…just get back on track. A little slip from nutrition anal retentiveness is not the end of the world. So once in a while have some fun…enjoy life, friends and family…GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Until tomorrow! Kathi

I’ve been in battle for 1131 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Wednesday:

calories 1444 1425 + 19
protein 138 grams 150 grams <12> grams
carbs 139 grams 150 grams <11> grams
total fat 41 grams 25 grams + 16 grams

Here are my other stats for today:

Workout MORNING…no workout
EVENING…stretching and an upper body super-duper workout with Chris. It was a superset with 8 exercises covering 4 muscle groups all in a row.
Successes Good nutrition day yesterday (except for fat grams)
Opportunities Had to eat on the run yesterday so my fat was high

The fitbattle (working out) is a contact sport…injuries, strains, and pains are inevitable…

If you’ve followed my blog the last couple months you know about my hip pain caused by a weak and most likely strained hip flexor. My physical therapy for the hip flexor is down to simple check ins with the doc every two to three weeks. I still have hip pain but it’s much better, just a mild inconvenience and a lot less often.

The Physiotherapists (Bob and Graham) gave me six exercises to do focusing on my glutes and abs. In theory as I strengthen my glutes and abs my hip flexor relaxes and the pain subsides. The last time Bob poked my hip flexor I didn’t jump off the table in agony so all is well.

I’m sure you are wondering if I’m better why am I writing about this??? Well I have a new issue…my right forearm. It’s been bothering me for several weeks but I’ve ignored it in hopes that it will get better (all by itself). I considered talking to Bob about it several weeks ago and put it off fearing that he might tell me to stop using it. I’m already banned from the treadmill (for my hip flexor).

Chris asked me the other day what Bob said about my arm and of course I hadn’t talked to him about it yet so I had no answers. I finally decided to ask Bob about my new pain. Basically anything that requires a grip causes pain from my elbow down to my wrist. How bad is it? Well it hurts to pick up my 24 oz. water bottle so I use my left arm if that tells you anything.

The body amazes me. Here I’m thinking I strained my elbow or some muscle in my forearm (and I did), but the pain is the result of a strain caused by weakness of deep muscles in my right shoulder. My forearm muscles have compensated for weak muscles in/near my rotator cuff. This is similar to my hip flexor problem.

What I find fascinating is that the pain from my hip flexor is deflected to my hip (a solid eight inches away). Similarly a shoulder problem has resulted in a strain and pain in my lower arm.

Ah yes, I forgot…did Bob tell me not to use my arm? Nope, but he told me not lift anything over my shoulders/head (basically take it easy on the shoulders) until I build up the strength of the muscles in my right rotator cuff. You guessed it he gave me five shoulder exercises. The good news is that I only have to do these five new exercises with my right arm/shoulder for the first two weeks.

I’m seeing Bob again in three weeks and in the meantime Chris and I are giving my shoulders a break. For now I’m juggling eleven exercises assigned as homework by Bob and Graham in addition to my regular workouts. I’m hoping that by the time I see Bob again my hip flexor will be healed so I can focus on my rotator cuff rehab and drop the six hip related exercises from my routine.

Although Bob cringes when we talk about my workout intensity he did acknowledge that these problems are better than the alternative, meaning the implications of not being active and the resulting health problems. He also let me know that since I am active I’m bound to have injuries and I should plan on them recurring.

Like I said…the fitbattle is a contact sport…injuries, strains, and pains are inevitable.

no pain – no gain ::: know pain – know gain

Until next week (I’m going to take a 3-day weekend so no blog tomorrow)! Kathi

I’ve been in battle for 1130 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Tuesday:

calories 1514 1425 + 89
protein 135 grams 150 grams <15> grams
carbs 139 grams 150 grams <11> grams
total fat 49 grams 25 grams + 24 grams

Here are my other stats for today:

Workout MORNING…stretching and 40 min on the stairmaster
EVENING…stretching and spin class
Successes Calories okay and carbs good
Opportunities Low on protein and really high on fat (due to last serving of leftover salmon and I had two meals on the road which added to fat intake)

Just say “no” to the sauna suit!

I cannot help myself! I’ve got to talk about this and get it off my chest. Twice in the last week I’ve seen someone wearing a “sauna suit” at the gym. What the heck is a sauna suit? It’s a nylon (vinyl or rubber) suit that people wear with the hopes of losing weight. I should mention that wearing one of these suits in a sauna could be deadly.

Sellers of this or similar products claim that wearing the sauna suit while working out will rid your body of excess water weight and melt away unwanted body fat. News flash! Our bodies are made up of 70% water. We need water. If we shed water our bodies will work to replace it as soon as possible since our bodies (organs) need water to function. Losing water weight is NOT losing weight!

Do these suits help burn fat quicker? Most of the articles I found attribute the weight loss to water weight not fat. They do agree that when used in moderation sweating out toxins is beneficial. Most of the articles caution that use of the sauna suit may result in dehydration, heat stroke or other serious conditions that could require medical attention.

I want to walk up to the people who wear these suits and shake them! I’m always thankful when the firemen and women are working out at the same time I see someone in one of these suits because I expect one of them to pass out eventually.

The only time wearing one of these suits might be appropriate is when an athlete is preparing to weigh in for an event that requires him/her to meet a specific weight range. And even so…isn’t it almost like cheating? Believe me the people wearing these suits at the gym are not athletes preparing for a big event weigh in.

Here’s some info that I took from Amazon about this product:

Please ensure you drink plenty of fluids before, during and after activity. Use caution when using this product, dehydration can be dangerous if the body is not constantly re-hydrated during workout. In the event you experience any dizziness or discomfort during exercise or activity whilst wearing the suit, stop immediately, remove the suit and consult with a doctor/physician or seek emergency medical assistance. Do not use this product in extreme hot temperatures e.g. a sauna. No liability or responsibility is assumed by the manufacturer or retailer for any injury or death incurred as a result of using this product.

I found nearly the same text on a website of a company that sells the same product by a different name. But they go one step further and sell a cream to use with your suit. They claim that the cream opens your pores. Oh my!

I don’t know about you but this week with the 100 + degrees in Vegas I’m sweating plenty during my workouts. No sauna suit for me…thanks!

Until tomorrow! Kathi

I’ve been in battle for 1129 days. Here are my daily nutrition stats for Monday:

calories 1528 1425 + 103
protein 153 grams 150 grams + 3 grams
carbs 158 grams 150 grams + 8 grams
total fat 35 grams 25 grams + 10 grams

Here are my other stats for today:

Workout MORNING…stretching, physical therapy exercises, swishing elliptical for 10 min, regular elliptical for 10 minutes and the recumbent bike for 20 min. EVENING…plan is stretching, a quick warm up and lower body (legs) with Chris
Successes Much better day with nutrition. Fat a little high due to eating salmon for dinner.
Opportunities I was feeling a little board at the gym this morning so I jumped around from machine to machine. I’m gonna try to mix things up the rest of the week.

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” ~ Coach G (Blazer Basketball Academy at Durango High School)

If you read my blog entry yesterday you know that I’m helping my sister out by taking my nephew to and from basketball camp this week. I’ve arrived a few minutes early to pick him up each day…like a good aunt.

Today I got to see the tail-end of a scrimmage game and the end of day last words by the coaches. Coach G. did the wrap up and he shared the quote above. I asked him about the quote…it’s not really his words he was quoting someone else but I’m attributing it to him. His point…if the kids attending the academy have the goal of being great basketball players they are going to have to work.

Coach G. connected the dots between the skills they are teaching at the basketball academy and qualities that will make the kids successful in life. One quality he mentioned was coachability. Meaning…listening to the coaches and incorporating their feedback in the game. He then made the point that being coachable will be important off the court too, for example in their (the kids) careers.

Gotta love a basketball coach that takes his role seriously. He’s going above and beyond…he’s not just a coach he’s a mentor.

Now, back to the quote… Muscles, strength, weight loss, a bikini body…do not come in a bottle. Success in fitness is personal. Each of us gets a different mental image when thinking about fitness success. No matter what success looks like it is the result of work (hard work). So like Coach G. (and his mentor/coach before him) said…The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Truthfully…yes sometimes working out does feel like (well) work. This morning it definitely felt like work. I could not find a cardio machine that didn’t feel like work which explains why I kept jumping from one machine to another. It was frustrating. And then, a few hours later, Coach G. touched a nerve and reminded me why I’m working so hard…for fitbattle success!

Until tomorrow! Kathi