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The good news is today is the first day of the rest of your life. Let’s be honest…just a little weight lose or an inch less here or there always lifts the spirits and you can do a lot in two weeks if you are 100% committed.

I actually think I’m addicted to fat. Yes peanut butter is “good” fat but I have no self-control when it comes to peanut butter so I had to stop buying it. It’s only good in moderation and it’s kind of like chocolate for me – I know no moderation.

Unless you’ve got some compelling information regarding a specific trainer that convinces you they are the one I recommend checking out at least three. By checking out I mean identify three trainers you are interested in and meet with each of them face-to-face. Kind of like an interview…well actually…just like an interview.

A Personal Trainer will provide you with a personalized fitness plan that enables you to see progress over time. Both the successes and failures are important. The successes help you build confidence. You realize that you can do it and you belong at the gym. You’ll realize that you are stronger and more capable than you think. The failures…well they are a part of life and without them you cannot appreciate the value of success.

No surprise…the answer is not that simple…first I need to decide which “zone” I should strive for. Ugh…the “fat burning zone” or the “cardio training zone”. I’m sure you’ve seen these zones displayed on cardio machines. Have you ever thought about what it all means? Does it make a difference? Which one is better and why?

Many of the sources I checked for information on this subject agree that you can lose weight by making changes to your diet, no workouts required. There are too many health benefits from working out. So ask yourself now… are you ready to make a change that might just save your life? Are you ALL IN?

This enabled me to monitor the calories I burned in comparison to the calories I consumed. Let me say this another way…the BodyBugg gave me CONTROL!