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Well, what do you expect? I have to live with myself and to do so I’ve got to like myself. In order to like myself I’ve got to take the higher road and not judge every book by it’s cover. Yes…what I’m saying is that I judge and then I work very hard to reverse the judgment.

Butt crack sweat “HOT” or “NOT”? Are there other factors to consider? Like… Who the butt crack belongs to? The size and shape of the butt?

Yes men…you too! That t-shirt with the armholes cut out that function as windows and reveal way too much mid-section is “NOT” hot if you have a muffin top or beer belly.

To be clear this blog is not about physical beauty it’s about the choices people make…what they wear to or how they act at the gym. I realize I’m not the world’s expert on “Hot” or “Not” but I’m still going to give you my opinion.

For some reason instead of focusing on my lunges I was recalling hearing about the tennis match on the radio. The match took eleven hours and five minutes (three days) to complete. Now that’s endurance!

Of course this got me thinking…how many other things in our own lives dull over time and we don’t notice? Two examples that come to mind are…my blonde hair and my cardio routine.

I felt like I had a point to prove. I was the oldest person in Boot Camp and there was no way I was going to come in last all three times for the sprints. I may have been the oldest but I was definitely in better shape than some of the other participants. Plus I’m just a little competitive.

Oh no! I just realized that I’ve been running for nearly three decades…wtf?

I’m a little surprised that I’m desiring the treadmill so much. There have been times when I’ve resented it, did anything else to avoid it. But like they say: “distance makes the heart grow stronger”.

I’ve now tipped the work-life balance scales in the other direction…let’s call it life-work balance with no work. No big-ticket expenditures or new boyfriends, but give me a little more time. Physical appearance? Check! Thinner and platinum blonde…that about covers it. No piercings but I am seriously considering getting a tramp stamp.