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Well, what do you expect? I have to live with myself and to do so I’ve got to like myself. In order to like myself I’ve got to take the higher road and not judge every book by it’s cover. Yes…what I’m saying is that I judge and then I work very hard to reverse the judgment.

I felt like I had a point to prove. I was the oldest person in Boot Camp and there was no way I was going to come in last all three times for the sprints. I may have been the oldest but I was definitely in better shape than some of the other participants. Plus I’m just a little competitive.

I want to walk up to the people that wear these suits and shake them! I’m always thankful when the firemen and women are working out at the same time I see someone in one of these suits because I expect one of them to pass out eventually.

Originally I was going to drag him to spin class but he lucked out because my spin buddy didn’t make it so I decided to give him a break and we stuck to cardio and weight machines.

Seeing Forrest got me thinking about what it takes to win. It’s not just about being in great physical shape, it also requires a great deal of mental strength and fitness. There he was…Forrest (just like a regular guy…cause he is just a regular guy who is a great fighter) getting a cardio workout in next to me.

All of the sudden I heard a noise. What the…is it a snort? A grunt? What the heck is that? Oh my! (I thought) Am I in the men’s showers? Is it possible that I walked into the men’s locker room and didn’t even notice?

Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate that a guy talked to me at the gym cause he must have liked what he saw, right? But I’m not at the gym to meet guys. I’m at the gym to workout!

Bottom line…if we let go, we’ll have to work harder. Isn’t that the point? Increase our heart rate and burn calories? I’m going to make an effort to hold on less. It’s my goal to not hold on at all.

I’m sitting here watching my DVR’d shows (and writing this blog) with a cold pack on my hip and heat pack on my neck…liv’n the dream baby!

When it’s time for me to weigh in and get my measurements with my trainer I treat my last few workouts before the big day as the “last chance workout”, just like on the “Biggest Loser”. I give more…summon every ounce of strength and endurance…to make sure the weigh in and measurements are as good as possible.