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Let’s be honest…as women, we can appreciate when we see a thin, skinny, in shape, pretty, beautiful, cute, whatever gal…but we will look for something wrong with her. Okay that’s what I do…you may be better than me and not do it…but I doubt it.

Today I have a love/hate relationship with lunges and I’ve also learned that there are some other exercises that I would trade lunges for any day. Lunges are a great leg exercise that you can do anywhere…even at home.

Many of the sources I checked for information on this subject agree that you can lose weight by making changes to your diet, no workouts required. There are too many health benefits from working out. So ask yourself now… are you ready to make a change that might just save your life? Are you ALL IN?

Yes…my Personal Trainer measures the density of my skin (fat) fold – it’s a lovely experience…not fun but very important. The measuring tape is much easier to deal with after you’ve had your fat fold squeezed between calipers.

Yes this is a good thing…being thinner and getting to know my body in a new way.

I actually said to Chris last night “I can’t” and he said “yes you can”. In the fitbattle, where my biggest enemy is me, having someone on the front line with me has been essential. That someone is my Personal Trainer…Chris.

So I ate the 3-egg omelette, yolks and all. I know three egg yolks aren’t going to kill me, but it’s just aggravating to make a mistake like that.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that someone I know or close to someone I know has had a stroke or heart attack and guess what? Yep! Cholesterol is a direct contributor to cardiovascular disease, which can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

The muscle soreness can impact some of life’s simplest tasks…like unhooking my bra, sitting down, using stairs, and some days getting out of bed. It’s a good thing that bars always have straws available for the days I can’t lift a glass.

So I walked out the door of Albertsons and there they were…four Girl Scouts, two of them in these ridiculous costumes. The best way I can describe them is they were fabric sandwich boards of different cookies (marketing at it’s best). They were greeting all the customers as they exited the store. There was no denying it…I was going to make a purchase.