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I do not recommend this tactic for everyone. However…we should all come to a point in our fitbattle where we can take off the training wheels and maintain a healthy diet without feeling like it’s a lot of work. Logging food is work.

I learned that she craves Taco Bell, primarily their tacos. So I suggested that she make her own healthy tacos using extra lean ground pork, low sodium taco mix, low-fat sour cream, low-fat cheese, and low-carb low-fat soft tacos. Oh yeah and top it off with salsa – as much salsa as she wants since it’s fat-free.

One day when I was wearing a t-shirt with sleeves he complained. That was when I started to realize that he may have a crush on my arms.

Of course this got me thinking…how many other things in our own lives dull over time and we don’t notice? Two examples that come to mind are…my blonde hair and my cardio routine.

If I knew there was going to be a gym photo op I would have taken five minutes to put on some eye shadow and mascara before I left the house.

It’s really cool to transition from assisted dips to body-weight dips. Honestly I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to blog (brag) about it.

I’m sitting here watching my DVR’d shows (and writing this blog) with a cold pack on my hip and heat pack on my neck…liv’n the dream baby!

It’s the instructors’ goal that we match our spinning to the beat of the song. Let’s be honest not everyone has rhythm. I’m willing to bet that the people in class that cannot match the cadence of the music probably can’t dance either.

Tuesday and Friday nights seem just slightly more laid back than Thursday’s. Don’t get me wrong the workouts are always “bad ass” it’s just there’s not this thing looming over us…time…”tick tock, tick tock” pushing us to jam through the session.

If you’re the boss…don’t feel guilty! This is a good example to set for your employees…life balance…health first.