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It’s the instructors’ goal that we match our spinning to the beat of the song. Let’s be honest not everyone has rhythm. I’m willing to bet that the people in class that cannot match the cadence of the music probably can’t dance either.

He gives very clear instructions on what to do throughout the class and he reminds us (just enough) to maintain the proper form throughout class: shoulders down away from your ears, elbow slightly bent, look forward, keep you upper body relaxed, hips back, and heals down. Believe me it’s easy to let your form slip when you are spinning uphill for five plus minutes.

I actually said to Chris last night “I can’t” and he said “yes you can”. In the fitbattle, where my biggest enemy is me, having someone on the front line with me has been essential. That someone is my Personal Trainer…Chris.

Spending time with yourself is a great gift to give to you and the Gym is a great place to be by yourself (although you will most likely be in a crowd, which is why the music is key).

BIKINI!!! Yes for the first time in a REALLY long time I’m going to wear a bikini (well a two piece – no strings). As I stood in front of the mirror trying on 2-piece bathing suits on my 48th birthday I was happy.

Spin Class…Be prepared for your seat (butt) to hurt, it’s unavoidable!