daily fitbattle #1184 (friday was weigh in day and i gotta a new all time low weight!)


I’ve been in battle for 1119 days. Here are my stats for Saturday, Sunday and Monday:

Workout SAT…Stretching, physical therapy homework and 45 min on the recumbent bike.
SUN…day off
MON…Evening stretching and spin class
Successes Although I’ve not been getting in my twofers I’ve still made it to the gym everyday (except Sunday). I’ve missed several days of logging food, but I did a good job managing my overall calories and made healthy choices.
Opportunities Need to get back on the twofers.

It’s that time again…measurements… Scale? check! … Calipers? check! … Measuring tape? check!

I’m still managing not to weigh myself every day and you’ll see from my results below that all is going well.

I’ve taken a look back at my weekly “Friday Morning Naked” weights and from what I found my lowest weight was 134.4 back in April.

Friday Chris did my measurements and I weighted in on Saturday morning. Yes… I’m still doing “naked weight”. It was a great weigh in day! My new all time low is now…wait for it…drum roll… 132.4 YIPPIE!!!!

A quick reminder…measurements include scale weight, the dreaded Body Fat Calipers (the tool Chris uses to measure my skin/fat folds), and a measuring tape.

My measurement results were good. Since the last time we did measurements my weight is down 3.4 pounds – yay! My Body Fat % is down 0.3%, and my total inches are down 0.25.

The chart below reflects all the details. November 2008 is when I started working out with Chris. March and May 2010 are the last two times we did measurements and July 30 are my results from Friday (duh).

Measurements November
May 28
July 30
WEIGHT 155.8 135.8 135.8 132.4 (3.4)
Chest 39.0 36.25 36.0 36.25 + 0.25
Waist 34.75 31.5 31.5 31.0 (0.5)
Hips 40.75 37.75 37.25 37.25 no change
Upper Arm 10.5 10.75 10.75 10.75 no change
Thigh 21.0 19.75 19.5 19.5 no change
TOTAL INCHES 146.0 136.0 135.0 134.75 (0.25)
Body Fat % 32.1 24.8 23.5 23.2 (0.3)

Another fitbattle success…

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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