daily fitbattle #1079 (why fat is bad, or is it?)


I’ve been in battle for 1079 days. Here are my daily stats:

Workout SAT…stretching, treadmill for 23 min doing intervals at 4.0, 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0. Stairmaster at level 9 for 20 minutes, 60 crunches on the decline bench
SUN…day off
MON…Morning stretching, 13 min on the treadmill doing intervals at 4.0, 6.0 and 6.5 and 27 min on the stairmaster at level 8, and 60 crunches on the decline bench. Evening…stretching and spin class
FRI: 5 meals, calories=1503, protein=146, carbs=132, fat=23
SAT: 5 meals, calories=1501, protein=115, carbs=125, fat=29
SUN: 5 meals, calories=1479, protein=148, carbs=166, fat=25
Successes Calories not bad over the weekend and most impressive is my fat all 3 days.
Opportunities Well if you look closely at Sat it’s a conundrum…over in calories but under in protein. That’s the result of alcohol calories. I actually did not account for the egg whites in two of the drinks I had…so that’s something. 😉

Why fat is bad, or is it?

I’ve been reading about fat. I figured if I did a little research it might help motivate me to meet my daily fat goal. It’s somewhat surprising how much info is on the www about fat.

We’ll start with the fat basics and then take it from there.

How does fat affect our calorie intake?

1 gram of fat = 9 calories
1 gram of carbs or protein = 4 calories

Hmm…so carbs and protein go a lot further than fat. Plus, since fat is high in calories it makes it more challenging to maintain a calorie deficit. And we know a calorie deficit is necessary if we want to lose weight.

Are all fats created equal?

Heck no.

There are different types of fat: saturated fat, trans fat, and unsaturated fat (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats). Saturated and trans fat are the “bad” fats. Unsaturated fat is often called “good” fat. Saturated and trans fat have been linked to heart related diseases and raised LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Saturated (bad) fat is typically found in animal products: meat, poultry, eggs and dairy (to name a few). Trans fat (also bad) is found in hydrogenated vegetable oil and all those yummy baked and fried foods we love so much.

Unsaturated (good) fat is found in nuts, avocados, vegetable oil (i.e. sunflower and soy) and nut oil (i.e. peanut). Especially beneficial are Omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty cold-water fish (i.e. salmon) and some seeds and nuts.

How much fat is too much fat?

Several sources I found recommend that fat intake should not exceed more than 35% of our total daily calories. That would be 60 grams of fat for a 1500 calorie per day diet. My daily fat goal is 25 grams (and my total calorie goal is 1425) – go figure. Why strive for good when we can go for great?

We also want to maintain a healthy balance between “good” and “bad” fat. It’s recommended that saturated fat does not exceed more than 10% of our daily calorie intake, so that would be 17 grams based on a 1500 calorie diet.

How the heck do you minimize fat intake (especially bad fat)?

  • Avoid red meat, butter, whole milk, cheese, egg yolks, fried foods (french fries and potato chips), and baked goods (cookies and crackers)
  • When consuming animal products like dairy choose a low-fat or non-fat product like non-fat yogurt, non-fat milk, and low-fat cheese
  • Choose egg whites vs. the whole egg
  • Keep an eye on portions, especially when consuming high-fat foods
  • Bake, broil or steam vs. frying or cooking in oil
  • If oil is necessary use olive oil (in moderation) or cooking spray
  • Remove the skin from poultry
  • Eat fish instead of meat
  • Bulk up on fruits and vegetables

I actually think I’m addicted to fat. Yes peanut butter is “good” fat but I have no self-control when it comes to peanut butter so I had to stop buying it. It’s only good in moderation and it’s kind of like chocolate for me – I know no moderation.

When peanut butter or chocolate are in arm’s length I become possessed and cannot stop myself from eating it until…well I’ll spare you the details. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a jar of peanut butter and ended up throwing it away in a moment of sanity to save myself.

Back to where we started…

A little fat goes a long way – NOT!

Just a reminder…yes I already mentioned this in the beginning of this blog. One fat gram equals nine calories (and one gram of carbs or protein only equal 4 calories). To lose weight we must burn more calories than we consume. It’s challenging to keep up a calorie deficit if our diet consists of a lot of high-fat foods.

I’ve never found a little of anything very filling. Hence my problem with peanut butter…two tablespoons is equal to 190 calories. For 190 calories I can eat a 4 oz. chicken breast (meat only) or 7.5 cups of broccoli florets – wow!

I don’t know about you, but this little research is going to motivate me to start really applying myself to my fat goal of 25 grams per day.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

6 Responses to “daily fitbattle #1079 (why fat is bad, or is it?)”

  1. 1 Elliott Goodwin

    I found this article http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/booster_shots/2010/04/by-any-other-name-mediterranean-diet-protects-the-brain.html through http://summertomato.com/. The article is a good read on fats and some other nutrients.

  2. Really interesting that eating saturated fats the increase risk of getting Alzheimer’s. Thanks for sharing! KK

  3. My favorite fats: cashews, cacao nibs, almonds, flax oil, and the newest coconut oil, oh and shredded coconut. A little light coconut milk works too, although they only have large containers of it at the store we go to and we couldn’t get through it all. I think it helps to only add these things to shakes that way you measure what you need/want and that’s it. No snacking on cashews during the day. Perhaps oils would be a good fat for you because you wouldn’t be likely take a swig mid day!

  4. LOL…yes, less likely I’d find myself swigging spoonfuls of oil like peanut butter. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I can’t eat cashews or almonds. I do like shredded coconut and sometimes add it to cottage cheese – yum. 😉

  5. Ok Elliott informed me coconut is the bad fat… darn. I guess I will have to lean more on the flax oil then instead. Thanks for bring this saturated, unsaturated item up!

    • Okay…good to know. I did do a little googling and it does appear that there is not enough info available about coconut oil and most articles recommend not using it until more studies are done. It’s definitely a saturated fat…so therefore in the bad category.

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